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Write Epic Marketing and Sales Copy

Entrepreneur’s guide to copywriting for marketing and website copy that captures your message and converts to sales


Are you an entrepreneur with an epic product or service but your sales just aren’t what they should be?

Do you have an important message but you feel like people just aren’t getting it… or they seem to get it but just DON’T BUY?

Do you find yourself trying to explain what you do but sometimes it just does not come across effectively?

Do you have a hard time (or feel uncomfortable) “selling” because you’re not really sure how to explain the benefits of what you offer?

Do you have a website with low or no sales?

Are you stumped about how to write effective marketing copy?

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs that have a fantastic product or service put a lot of time and effort into marketing but have poor results. A HUGE cause of lack of desired sales or growth is COMMUNICATION… marketing isn’t just about putting information out into the world about what you have to offer… it’s about EXPRESSING YOUR MESSAGE in a way that is both appealing and converts to sales.

This course provides proven copywriting techniques that will help you clearly communicate your message, target your market, and lead to sales. Through instructor videos and detailed PDF worksheets we’ll walk you through how to write effective marketing copy, both for print marketing material and your website. 

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  • Introduction
    Welcome to the course! In this video we will go over what you will get out of the course!
  • Mastering Your Message
    Your Life Story
    Your life story can be a powerful tool to connect to your target market and to have your target market connect with you. So what is your story and how can you use it help others and your business grow.
    Your Life Story
    Establishing Your Credibility
    Help your clients get to know you by telling them more about what makes you credible, an expert in your own unique way, as well as share some of your vulnerability in order to connect to them.
    Establishing Your Credibility
    What Value Do You Offer?
    What we do has a tremendous value to the life of those that use our product or/and our services. The problem is that sometimes we do not see the true value and more importantly know how to express it effectively. In this video we will help you see your true value and show you how to express it in a way where others will see the value as well.
    What Value Do You Offer?
    How Else Can You Help Them? Problem Solution Formula
    Determine what problems your clients have, and how you can offer solutions, and you'll know a powerful way to grow your business and communicate these solutions to them.
    Problem Solution Formula
    Copyrighting and Key Words
    In this section we will help you determine what are the key words that your target market uses. By knowing the key words it makes it easier to market to them and more importantly it lets them know that you understand them and that you speak their language.
    Copyrighting and Key Words
  • Writing Your Marketing Copy
    Writing Your Marketing Copy
    Take all of the information you've gathered and put it all together to write out your marketing copy, including descriptions, bulleted lists, and your bio.
    Writing Your Marketing Copy
    Writing Website Copy Part 1
    Writing copy for a website is more involved than basic marketing copy. It is also more important because a poorly written website will not lead to sales. In this video we get into targeting your tribe, making a good first impression, using active voice, showing your personality, being concise, focusing on outcomes, and basic structural tips.
    Writing Website Copy Part 2
    In this video we get into SEO (search engine optimization) and Calls to Action.
    Website Copy
    Your Elevator Pitch
    In this section we are going to give you the steps to help you create a compelling elevator speech that will create interest for what you do or what you have to give to others.
    Your Elevator Pitch
    Writing Your Manifesto
    So what do you stand for? Your Manifesto can give you clarity in your message and help others develop an understanding of what you and your business actually stand for. A manifesto is one of the best ways to help your clients and potential clients get to know you.
    Writing Your Manifesto
  • Get Your Message Out There and Conclusion
    The Final Action Steps: Get Your Message Out There! (Marketing Tips)
    So now you have your message, now what? In this section we will go over how to get your message out to the people that want to hear it. We give you some practical tools and strategies to market with your message.
    Marketing Tips
    Congratulations you did it!!! Now take the final step of getting your message out there. Remember that the only way to move forward or create the life that you want is to take the action steps to make it happen.


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  • Copywriting
  • Web Copy Writing
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