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Work Life Balance for Entrepreneurs

Quick and Easy Tips and Practical Tool to Help the Self Employed to Take Control of Their Lives


Being an entrepreneur and/or working from home sounds like the ultimate freedom… corporate renegades willing to risk life outside the box in hopes of following our passions and living our dreams! We can choose our own hours, have more time for our family and friends, have no boss lurking over our shoulder, no cubicle cell, and no disruptive co-workers. Whether you’re a business owner, independent contractor, at-home parent or telecommuter, we know you chose your form of self-employment because you wanted 2 things: balance and control. Yet, if you’re like us and so many entrepreneurs we’ve worked with you feel unbalanced and out of control.

The illusion of freedom quickly fades and our personal lives, our businesses, and our family and friends suffer... we get out of balance. We end up feeling stressed out, burnt out and overwhelmed. But there is hope! We have discovered the secrets to bringing balance, fulfillment and success to the lives of the self-employed, which we’ve learned through our own experience in the trenches as well as through years of study and working with thousands of entrepreneurs.

The course will cover:

  • 10 Tools for Balance, Burnout and Boundaries
  • 10 Tools for Time Management and Planning
  • 10 Tools for Productivity and Efficiency
  • 10 Tools for Combating Stress
  • And 5 Tools for Balance through Deliberate Creation

This course doesn’t just give you a list of ideas that sound great but that you’ll quickly forget and go about your old habits and unproductive ways… we provide engaging lectures that are very real and to the point with some humor to bring some joy to your day! Plus, every lecture includes a proven, practical tools in a downloadable worksheet that will help you put on paper what you are going to do to take back control of your life and your freedom.

In this course we are going to give you everything we have learned and live—and we’re going to do it in a quick-and-easy format so even the most time-crunched business owner or household juggler can commit to themselves and create the balanced and fulfilling business they’ve always wanted! 

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  • Welcome and Introduction
    Are you ready to regain the freedom that drew you to working for yourself? Are you ready to feel in control of your time and schedule? Take your power back from time wasters and create a life of balance and fulfillment.
  • 10 Tips and Tools for Balance, Burnout, and Boundaries
    Defining Balance: Banishing Limiting Beliefs
    Overcome the common limiting beliefs that hold you back from feeling free and balanced, including that nagging feeling that if you take time off work you'll lose money.
    Banishing Limiting Beliefs
    Defining Balance: What Balance Is and Is Not
    Balance is a push and pull. Does it mean making all aspects of your life equal, or is there more unique criteria that make balance unique to you?
    What Balance Is and Is Not
    Defining Balance: Know Thyself
    If you understand your own biorhythms and values you'll be better able to determine what you truly need to be both happy and successful.
    Know Thyself
    Defining Balance: Identifying Imbalance
    Identify what areas of your life are causing the most imbalance by utilizing the Wheel of Life tool.
    Identifying Imbalance
    Avoiding Burnout: Identity~You Are Not Your Business
    Identifying your business with yourself can make it hard to let go at the end of the day. Find out how to change the way you think about your identity.
    Avoiding Burnout: Recognizing The Symptoms
    Learn to recognize the symptoms of burnout before it happens. Take the burnout quiz!
    Recognizing The Symptoms
    Avoiding Burnout: Tools for Recovery and Prevention
    Check out these powerful tools for preventing burnout, as well as coping with it should you already be feeling fried.
    Tools for Recovery and Prevention
    Setting Boundaries: Physical Boundaries
    The physical environment in which you work may be a huge factor that's causing productivity blocks and keeping you unhappy. Find out how to remedy this!
    Physical Boundaries
    Setting Boundaries: Self Boundaries
    Sometimes the boundaries that are the hardest to enforce are the ones we have with ourselves. Learn how to be your own best boss!
    Self Boundaries
    Setting Boundaries: Boundaries with Others
    Creating and keeping healthy boundaries with the people in our lives, including our family, children, partners, co-workers, and business contacts, is the only way to take back control of our lives. Learn how to say "no"!
    Boundaries with Others
  • 10 Tips and Tools for Time Management
    Creating a Schedule: Have One
    This is the backbone of your work-life balance. Having a schedule that's carefully designed is the only way to make sure everything is accomplished and you have time allocated for the things that matter most.
    Having a Schedule
    Creating a Schedule: Flexibility
    It's important to have a concrete schedule, but it's also important not to be too rigid and to recognize that needs change. Find out how to balance sticking to your schedule while being flexible.
    Creating a Schedule: Scheduling Non-Work Hours
    One of the most commonly overlooked keys to scheduling is to plan your off time. Being that most self employed people tend to work by default, the only way you'll end up with time for leisure or family is to plan it in!
    Scheduling Non-Work Hours
    Creating a Schedule: Taking Breaks
    Working strait through doesn't provide your mind a chance to breath which makes you less creative and less productive. Find out tools for when and how to take breaks that will make work more enjoyable and productive.
    Taking Breaks
    Planning: Avoiding Distractions
    These tips for staying focused and avoiding distractions are foundational for your ability to make plans and keep them.
    Avoiding Distractions
    Planning: Focusing on Outcomes
    You can cross tasks off your list all day long, but if they weren't designed with a solid understanding of the outcomes you're going for, you may have just wasted your time.
    Focusing on Outcomes
    Planning: Creating a Ta-Da List
    Take your daily plan and your to-do list to the next level by learning the process for the super-effective "ta-da list"!
    Ta-Da List
    Planning: Prioritization
    Knowing what tasks are a priority is never easy when everything feels like it's demanding your attention NOW... find out effective tools for narrowing down your workload.
    Family and Friends: Ensuring You Have Time
    If your friends and family are important to you, the best way to show it is to make them a priority. People make time for the things that are important to them. If you currently feel low on time for those you love, it can be humbling to realize you are not placing value on them by not creating time.
    Ensuring You Have Time
    Family and Friends: Making it Meaningful
    Since time can be hard to come by, make the most of it by being fully present and making it meaningful.
    Making it Meaningful
  • 10 Tips and Tools For Productivity and Efficiency
    Efficiency: Personal Time Wasters
    There is a treasure of hidden time in your day which you can discover by digging out from under all the time you waste! Complete the daily time assessment and consider where you're wasting your time and how you can reallocate it toward what you value most.
    Personal Time Wasters
    Efficiency: Business Time Wasters
    There are predictable time wasters that most entrepreneurs tend to do, so don't feel bad. Instead, stop doing them! They can save you time, money and stress! Plus, you'll be more productive and have more freedom.
    Business Time Wasters
    Efficiency: The 80/20 Rule
    The 80/20 principle applies to everything in life. Find out how to determine what 20% of your customers cause you 80% of your problems and other life-changing questions!
    The 80/20 Rule
    Efficiency: Playing Your Way to Productivity
    Sometimes the best way to bring some magic to the mundane is to play a game... with yourself!
    Playing Your Way to Productivity
    Technology: Mastering Email
    We all do it. And it's very naughty. Learn how to stop checking your email obsessively. Email is the BIGGEST TIME WASTER of all time!
    Mastering Email
    Technology: Productivity Tools
    Learn tools for using technology for productivity, instead of distraction. Includes recommendations for apps and programs.
    Productivity Tools
    Technology: The Importance of Unplugging
    Unplug. There, we said it. It's a proven fact that you'll be more productive and happier if you limit your screen time. Here are some important strategies!
    The Importance of Unplugging
    Delegating: Personal Life
    There are probably a number of things in your personal life that you can outsource that you haven't even thought of!
    Personal Life
    Delegating: Work Life
    Delegating can be hard for entrepreneurs who are used to doing everything themselves, but it is absolutely the best thing you can do to both free your time and make the best use of it!
    Work Life
    Making Yourself Replaceable with Systems
    Having systems ensure that if something should happen to you, your business can continue. It also gives you a way of working yourself out of your business!
  • 11 Tips for Combating Stress
    Preventing Stress: The Power of Writing
    Write it down and let it go! Find out how.
    The Power of Writing
    Preventing Stress: Choose Your Focus
    Does your perspective of your control over your life empower you or zap your motivation? Are the questions you asking yourself inspiring you or holding you down? Find out.
    Choosing Your Focus
    Locus of Control
    Preventing Stress: Mindfulness and Meditation Tools
    Mindfulness and meditation are proven to be the best tools for reducing stress and training the brain to focus! Learn the common misconceptions about meditation and how companies and business leaders use it! Can you focus on breathing for 2 minutes? Then you can meditate. Can you pay close attention to what's going on around you? Then you can be mindful. Try it!
    Mindfulness and Meditation
    Preventing Stress: Taking Brain Breaks
    Give your mind a break from constant work mode! Learn how to turn it of and reboot through the hobbies and interests you already love as well as some powerful new techniques!
    Taking Brain Breaks
    Preventing Stress: The Power of Movement
    The health benefits to moving your body are more obvious, while the benefits to your mental clarity, focus and productivity may surprise you.
    The Power of Movement
    Preventing Stress: Learning Something New
    A mind that is confused (by being exposed to new things) is open for growth. Plus, learning something new can be both fun and help you gain new skills.
    Learning Something New
    Preventing Stress: Creating Your Own “Water Cooler”
    Life for the self employed can be lonely. Discover great ways to add collaboration and social interaction back into your life.
    Creating Your Own “Water Cooler”
    Happiness: How Happiness Boosts Productivity
    Happiness is proven to be the greatest boost to your productivity. Learn proven secrets and tools!
    How Happiness Boosts Productivity
    Happiness: Getting in the Flow
    We all have experienced that magical experience of being in the flow, when everything feels effortless and time doesn't even seem to exist. Find out how to spend more time in this peak state.
    Getting in the Flow
    Happiness: NLP Anchoring
    Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful process that gives you control over your own mind and emotional state. Learn a core process from NLP that will show you how to anchor a trigger to a desired emotional state, allowing you to "turn on" that state any time you want.
    NLP Anchoring
    Happiness: Having Fun
    Discover tips for finding the fun in your work environment, as well as enjoying your clients more.
    Having Fun
    Untitled Lesson
  • 5 Tips for Balance through Deliberate Creation
    The Power Hour
    Taking time for yourself is vital to your overall wellbeing and your ability to create your life deliberately, rather than operating on autopilot. Ideally, its for an hour and in the morning. Discover what works for you!
    The Power Hour
    Bringing Your Best Self
    Being at your best puts you in the best possible position to give whatever you are focusing on your ALL.
    Bringing Your Best Self
    Setting Daily Goals
    You've gotten this far (hopefully!).. you have goals, you've written them on a ta-da list. Now you actually have to LOOK at them daily! Find out tips for staying on track.
    Setting Daily Goals
    The Power of Visualization
    If you can see it you can be it.
    The Power of Visualization
    Being Selfish and Filling Your Tank
    You have to give yourself permission to be #1 if you want to empower yourself to create balance in your life. It starts with you!
    Being Selfish and Filling Your Tank
  • Conclusion and Reflection
    Conclusion and Next Steps
    Congratulations! What are you committing to yourself? How are you going to implement what you've learned?
    Conclusion and Next Steps


  • Positive Thinking
  • Stress Management
  • Work-Life Balance

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