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Social Media Integration Essentials

Learn how to integrate and automate your social media presence while learning the features and options of HootSuite.


The ability to share, connect, embed, and otherwise integrate social media content is one of the things that makes social media marketing so powerful. You spend a lot of time generating great content for your online presence, make sure it gets as much exposure as possible by planning an efficient social media integration plan. And save even more time by streamlining your social media tasks using automation tactics and tools. There are many methods by which you can accomplish integration and automation, and an equal number of ways you can mess them up! Social Media Integration Essentials outlines the different methods of integrating and automating your social media presence using best practices, while addressing common problems. The course helps you build a well-oiled social media machine from your existing strategy, and helps you find the best integration methods and automation tools to accomplish your online marketing goals. It is recommended that the Social Media Widgets Essentials course is taken before this course.
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  • Introduction
    Introduction to the Course
    This lesson provides an overview of the course.
  • Integrating Media Sites
    Sharing and Embedding YouTube Videos
    In this lesson, we look at the ways in which we can share YouTube videos – including sharing methods, integrating with other social media sites, and embedding video galleries into websites.
    Sharing and Embedding Flickr Images
    In this lesson, we look at ways to share and embed Flickr images – in blog posts, in social media accounts, and as galleries in blogs and websites.
    Integrating Other Media Communities
    This lesson covers some integration methods used in other media sharing communities like Pinterest, SlideShare, DocStoc, and Scribd.
  • Integrating and Automating
    Integration and Automation Methods
    In this lesson we have a review of all the different integration methods we have already learned, and explore additional integration and automation methods such as connecting accounts and automation tools.
    Introduction to HootSuite
    This lesson introduces the social media management tool HootSuite, by offering an overview of HootSuite features and settings.
    Connecting Accounts and Blogs in HootSuite
    In this lesson, we learn how to utilize the HootSuite tool to connect our social media accounts and automatically add blog posts to our social media accounts.
    Automating Updates With HootSuite
    In this lesson, we explore the automatic posting features of HootSuite – including scheduling updates and the Hootlet bookmarklet.
  • Conclusion: Integration Planning
    Conclusion: Creating an Integration Plan
    This lesson covers how to carefully plan your integration and automation methods.


  • HootSuite
  • Social Media Marketing

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