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Social Media Guidelines, Policies, and Ethics

Prepare social media guidelines, policies, and listening programs relevant to your organization while exploring digital ethics issues.


Social media guidelines and policies can be as important as your social media plan. Social media policies can keep your organization from making disastrous mistakes on social media channels, and help you adhere to industry regulations. Social media guidelines guide your employees on how to represent your organization online, and help to establish online consistency for your company or brand. In addition to social media guidelines and policies, this course delves into listening and engagement programs, and discusses digital ethics, copyright, terms-of-use, and privacy issues. 

Topics include: 

  • Developing listening and engagement programs 
  • The 8 stages of social media listening 
  • Ethics issues relevant to blogs 
  • An overview of blogging codes of conduct 
  • Copyright issues relevant to media communities 
  • An introduction to Creative Commons 
  • Copyright infringement issues and how to handle them 
  • An overview of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus terms of use and guidelines 
  • Social networking privacy issues 
  • Preparing social media guidelines and policies Worksheets, templates, and resources included!
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  • Introduction
    Introduction to the Course
    Social Media Guidelines Workbook
  • Listening and Engagement
    Listening and Engagement Programs
  • Blogging, Social Networking, and Media Issues
    Blogging Ethics and Policies
    Media Sharing Guidelines and Copyright
    Social Networking Guidelines and Privacy
  • Preparing Guidelines and Policies
    Social Media Guidelines and Policies


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Platform

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