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Set Boundaries and Take Your Power Back!

The Helpers' Guide Setting Boundaries and Saying "NO"


Are you a helper, a giver, or someone who works in a helping field?
Do you find yourself saying "yes" when you really mean "no"?
Do you tend to over commit and have no time left over to take care of yourself and do the things you love?
People like us have big hearts. We care, and sometimes this leads us to sacrifice for others, allow them to depend on us and forget that we matter, too.


This course is for the helpers and givers who want to develop the confidence say "NO" when it's time to honor themselves. Who want to help uplift others in a way that is supportive, not rescuing or creating dependency. To give from a healthy place of confidence and empowerment, rather than out of obligation or guilt.

We're going to teach you the tools and the mindset to empower yourself AND others. We know how hard it can be to put yourself first. We're both the classic "helper" type--we just want so badly to make other people's lives better! But, we've also learned that when we are not taking care of ourselves, things get out of balance, leading us to become burnt out, unwell, and unable to contribute to those we love.

We're going to teach you everything we've learned in our own journeys, our decade of experience in psychology, as well as what we've learned through working with thousands of other "helpers"--whether life coaches we've trained or individuals we've coached and met through our workshops.

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  • Getting Started
    This course is great for helpers, givers or people who work in helping fields such as life coaches, counselors, or teachers. Gain the confidence to create healthy boundaries, support others, and take care of yourself.
    Why is Saying "No" So Hard?
    We understand it's hard to say "no" when you have a big heart! There are benefits to saying "yes" but there are also many negative side effects. Learn how and when to stand up for your own needs.
    Doing More Harm than Good
    Sometimes without meaning to our helping causes harm. Our self sacrificing can make others guilty and our rescuing can enable peoples self-destructive behaviors. Learn healthy ways to be there for others.
    Contribution is Not Only for Others
    When contributing to the world, don't forget about yourself! Learn what contribution is NOT: sacrifice or obligation, and discover how to contribute at an even greater scale by bringing your best self to the table.
  • Honoring Yourself
    The Importance of Honoring Yourself
    Honoring yourself is not only a necessary step to finding happiness, it's also a requirement to be able to sustain your ability to give and help! Not taking care of yourself leads to being burnt out and unwell, making you unable to give. Learn how filling your own cup and putting yourself first will make you have more to give.
    Tools for Self-Care
    Fill your cup by taking time for yourself, remembering your passions and determining activities you can do that feed and rejuvenate you so you can continue to be of service to others.
    Self Care
    Printable worksheet for Tips for Self-Care
    Remembering Your Passions
    Printable worksheet about Remembering Your Passions
  • Tools for Saying "NO"
    Overcoming Resistance
    It's understandable that you would resist things like putting yourself first when for so long you've been doing the opposite! But when you've decided that it's time to change a belief and pattern, this tool is powerful. Learn the power of what you associate pain and pleasure to and how to empower yourself to make these changes.
    Overcoming Resistance
    Strategies People Use to Get You to Say Yes
    Once people get used to you being helpful and doing what they ask, they may be very good at convincing you to say yes! Learn how to prepare for common tactics.
    Tools for Saying "No"
    This video goes over tools for saying no!
    Tools for Saying "No"
    Printable worksheet for Tools for Saying "No"
    Helping vs. Supporting
    Learn how to differentiate between helping, which is associated with "assertion" and supporting, which is associated with "non-attachment" and how to tell if you're helping for their sake or your own. It's an important distinction that will make you a more effective helper!
    Helping vs. Supporting
    Printable worksheet for Helping vs. Supporting
  • BONUS Section: Vision and Goals
    Importance of a Vision and Goals
    By having a greater vision for your life and setting goals for yourself you realize the greater value you will have as you improve your self, which can be just the inspiration you need to follow through with changing the way you help.
    BONUS: Your Vision
    Create a vision of the life you desire for yourself and use it as inspiration!
    BONUS: Your Vision
    Printable worksheet for Your Vision
    BONUS: S.M.A.R.T. Goals
    There are proven keys to setting goals that are attainable--make sure they're SMART!
    BONUS: S.M.A.R.T. Goals
    Printable worksheet for SMART Goals
    BONUS: Goal Setting Plan Part 1
    Utilize this powerful process for setting goals and breaking them down into easy, actionable steps.
    BONUS: Goal Setting Plan Part 2
    Part 2 of Goal Setting
    BONUS Worksheet: Goal Setting Plan
    Printable worksheet for Goal Setting
    BONUS Worksheet: Ta-Da List
    Printable worksheet for Goal Setting
  • Conclusion
    Conclusion and Reflection
    Congratulations on completing the course!


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