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Secrets to Happiness

The 6 Keys to Experiencing Happiness in Everyday Life to Unleash Your Joy


Discover the keys to finding happiness in everyday life, no matter what obstacles you may be facing. In this course, you'll learn how other people's beliefs and desires affect your own, how to eliminate unwanted parts of your identity, how time affects happiness, how to free yourself of negative patterns, and solutions to help you control your emotions and create happiness in any moment--GUARANTEED! With newfound awareness, you can develop better coping skills for day-to-day stressors and make decisions that bring you happiness and success in life. 

 Why Happiness? Many studies have demonstrated that happiness:

  • Can double your critical thinking skills, problem solving, and creativity.
  • Can boost your immune system and cardiovascular health
  • Live longer
  • More fulfilling and longer lasting relationships
  • Receive work promotions more often
  • More balance in life
  • And many more positive side effects of happiness

 This course is for you if:

  • You want to know the secrets to finding happiness or peace NO MATTER WHAT is going on around you
  • You want to identify the beliefs and patterns you have that are causing your unhappiness and change them.
  • You want to stop living everyone else’ dreams, and feeling unfulfilled, and instead embrace your own true path to happiness.
  • You want to learn tools to help you choose your emotions and feel good in any moment.
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  • Introduction
    What's the difference between happiness and true joy? Learn the common misconceptions and how your life will change when you discover true happiness.
    Peeling Off the Layers Introduction
    What keeps you from experiencing joy? This lecture gives an overview of what to expect in the course and explains how understanding the following keys to happiness and unblock your joy: 1) Your current mood, 2) Negative patterns and wires, 3) Time (past/future), 4) Identity/Ego, 5) Limiting Beliefs, 6) Envy/Desire,
  • Layer 1: Desire (External Influences and Programming)
    Layer 1: Desire
    We all have desires, which is awesome, but the Buddha told us "The root of all suffering is desire," so what does that mean? Discover how much of your desires are influenced by others and how attachment to them zaps your joy.
    Layer 1: Desire Workbook
    Layer 1: Expectations
    Ever had high expectations and been disappointed (no joy there)? Ever had low expectations and lived in a slump (still no joy)? This lecture will give you the tool to let go of expectations all together and, surprise, find your joy!
  • Limiting Beliefs (Unconscious/Agreements)
    Layer 2: Limiting Beliefs
    Do you hold yourself from sharing what's GOOD in your life? Have you ever told yourself "money is the root of all evil"? Root out common limiting beliefs and replace them with powerful inspiring ones.
    Layer 2: Beliefs Workbook
  • Layer 3: Ego and Identity (Attachments/Roles)
    Layer 3: Ego And Identity
    Unless we stop to consider what roles we play and who we THINK we are, we're stuck replaying the roles we learned... but you get to choose! Who do you want to be? Discover how to find JOY by being your true, authentic self.
    Layer 3: Identity Workbook
  • Layer 4: Time (Past and Future)
    Layer 4: Time
    Stop putting off your happiness... no more "I'll be happy when...". Joy is found RIGHT NOW! Find out how.
    Layer 4: Time Workbook
  • Layer 5: Patterns and Conditioning (Rewiring for Joy)
    Layer 5: Negative Patterns
    Discover the power of your unconscious mind and the tools to free yourself from the patterns and conditioning that currently blocks your joy.
    Layer 5: Patterns Workbook
    Layer 5: Wired For Joy
    If you want more joy you literally need to REWIRE your brain! The good news is that it's super easy and we provide the tools. Change Your State activity attached.
    Layer 5: Wired for Joy Activity
  • Your Current Mood (Emotions)
    Layer 6: Emotions and Current Mood
    Happiness is a choice! Yes, you can learn the tools to control your emotions so you can feel good NOW, no matter what's going on in your life.
    Layer 6: Emotions and Current Mood Workbook
  • Unleash Your Joy with the 6 Keys to True Happiness
    Finale: Joy Unleashed
    Now that we've peeled off all the layer that block your joy, it's time to unleash it!
    BONUS: My Life Movie
    You're the director of your own life movie! Are you writing a story and directing the scenes with all the JOY you truly want? Use this activity to re-write your script and watch how it changes your life movie.
    BONUS My Life Movie
    BONUS Forgiveness
    A lack of forgiveness can be one of the biggest JOY ZAPPERS of all! Experience the FREEDOM of forgiveness and experience the greatest gift you can give yourself. Remember, harboring resentment is like taking a poison and expecting someone else to die.
    BONUS Forgiveness Activity


  • Personal Development
  • Positive Thinking

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