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Master your next on stage moment or crucial pitch with innovative guidance from accomplished Keynote Speaker, Mark Jeffries


Whether you have an upcoming pitch, presentation, speech or meeting - HOW you present yourself and your ideas makes ALL the difference. It's an essential element of career success - and YOUR key to the most valuable opportunities. Master the Art of Presentation and Instantly Benefit from an Enhanced Level of Persuasion, Influence and Respect. Learning from hugely successful course tutor - Keynote speaker and author, Mark Jeffries - This “conversational" and “engaging" course will raise your level and significantly improve your confidence and delivery for that next presentation or speech. Mark has spoken in front of more than 180,000 people at conferences and events around the world - within this video-based course, he will share exactly what you need to know to plan, prepare and deliver your next presentation. Mark will take you directly onto the stage of both his OWN performances and behind the scenes, giving you the inside track. You will also learn how to understand and anticipate the needs of your audience. You will see how to take full advantage of the stage - whether big or small. Discover 'must-know' facts about microphones and lighting. You will be talked through the power of your voice and how little tricks can have a major impact. You will be shown the SIX keys to presentation influence AND why TIME really matters (Teach, Inspire, Motivate, Entertain). Mark will be your mentor and coach guiding you through uses of humor, pace, diction and in a truly unique new approach - you will get to join Mark in a “Live-Read" Duet - matching Mark in a clever read through of a downloadable PDF. By the end of this course You will have learned how to create, compose and deliver key, memorable messages… to create genuine influence and master the Art of Presentation.
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  • Key stuff before you start to speak!
    Why make a Presentation?
    Let's start this journey. In this Intro, we'll look at just how many opportunities open up to you when you take the plunge and truly engage in a public speaking drive. I'll also share with you how the course is put together and how best to benefit from the content, ideas and techniques soon to be revealed.
    Psychology of your "Audience"
    So, who exactly is this audience of yours? This is a question you absolutely must ask yourself before even planning your comments. Don't worry though, help is at hand - here is a great way to consider the essential elements of the people who will be taking in your message.
    What's in in it for YOU ... I mean ... THEM?
    Part of the initial planning for your speech, pitch or key message is understanding how the content will resonate with your audience - will they understand, is it in their language - do they even care??? To be truly successful in this part of your planning, you need to consider YOUR message from THEIR perspective.
    All things Audio
    Getting onto the stage & moving around
    A lot of people will say that this is the toughest moment in your entire public speaking adventure - actually standing up, climbing those steps and finding your position. Yikes!! Use this Lecture to ready yourself for handling this challenge with calm and style! Once up infront of a group, whether on a raised stage or not, you also need to map out how you will move around during your presentation. Mark shares his experience and ideas right here.
    Podium or no podium
    With every audience I address and every executive or politician I coach, I always share this crucial checklist for a successful presentation - It might look like I'm talking about the timing of your piece, but I am not - T.I.M.E is a list of FOUR essential roles that you must play during your upcoming presentation. Ignore them at your peril!
    Power tip - talk to the audience at coffee
    On Location at various events, Mark will be sharing Power Tips. This one is about taking a moment to "Pre-Mingle" with your audience before you even go on. It pays dividends to be a touch ... social!
  • Now you're talking...
    Pause & Punch
    No matter how exciting and charismatic a presenter you are - the people listening to you will start to drift after a certain amount of time - so, you need to know how to keep them awake...at just the right moments within your presentation. That's where P&P comes in....
    A & A
    The best presentations are always filled with "word color". You may be wondering what "word color" actually is - simply put, it's where you, as a speaker, add vibrancy and imagery through story telling and more. A great way to think about this crucial process is through A&A...
    Timing your presentation
    Have you ever wished that a presentation, in which YOU were an audience member, had gone on for longer? Nope - me neither! So how should you manage the time given to you and how can you give your audience a "time" gift for which they will always be grateful?
    What to do with your Hands
    The number one question I get asked about presenting is "What should I do with my hands?" A great question and here is your answer!
    Speak normally...and in the right "psychological" language!
    In this lecture, learn how the tone of your voice, the language you select and how similar you appear to be to this particular audience can make all the difference. How you 'come across' is vital!
    You're changing your slides all wrong!
    It turns out that when it comes to moving from one slide to the next ...there IS a right way AND a wrong way to do it! Mark explains all...
    Have a plan B
    Despite the best laid plans, things can sometimes go wrong. When you're out there, in front of two or two thousand people, how you respond to those moments becomes the true test!
  • Tips, tools, best practice and ideas!
    Speech Duet
    When I coach Executives and Politicians, face to face, we often now do a "Speech Duet." This is where I lead by reading their speech in a manner that I know will be the most powerful, effective and memorable. My client, simultaneously reading the same speech, then matches my speed and tone and, in so doing, enhances their own delivery style. It's very effective and in this chapter - WE can do the same thing using a generic section of speech. (You can find that downloadable PDF right here within this chapter). Try it out and let me know what you think.
    So you want to be President - top tips inspired by the debates
    Political debates can be annoying, entertaining but - incredibly illuminating as well. Politicians are carefully coached to become effective speakers. After a recent bout of debates, I decided - from my hotel room in San Francisco - to check out some "speaking highlights" and share what we mere mortals can learn from those political elites!!
    Secrets of "memorizing" a script
    Whilst I do NOT recommend using this super secret method when you are live on stage - it really works a treat when you have to “memorize” sections of text or a script for delivery to camera. The beauty of this method is that you don't ACTUALLY have to memorize anything!! (It does require buying some tech kit and I will post some Amazon links soon if you feel like investing - I have no links with the companies involved but I do use the gadgets described)
    Speaking to Camera
    Whilst this course is not about being an on-camera "personality", there are some essential skills of which you should be aware! Sometimes - you may have to address a camera before or after your speech. In fact, nowadays, with Facetime, Skype, WhatsApp video, Snapchat and Vine, Speaking to Camera is an essential skill - so here are a few quick but vitally important tips to help you look and sound amazing!
    Mark Jeffries Keynote 2016 Audio
    So - here's how I put it all together. This was a full keynote speech I gave to the analyst company - Forrester, in Boston. Feel free to download and listen when you time to take it all in.


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