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Projects in PHP and MySQL

Master PHP-MySQL by Building 10 Projects


This is the ultimate course for all web developers who want to learn web programming while building practical projects along with the instructor. This course will help both beginners and experts alike. This course will primarily teach project building using MySQL and PHP but it covers Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, web frameworks, Wordpress and various other popular technologies in great detail.This course can be done sequentially or you can pick and select the project and start working on them directly. These projects are all independent of each other. Besides the royalty free code can be used for any of your personal projects.

Project Details:

Shoutit Shoutbox

Description: Shoutit is a PHP powered shoutbox which uses mySQL to store shouts. This is a very basic PHP/MySQL
application. It is strictly procedural coding and uses the mysqli api

PHP Syntax, PHPMyAdmin, MySQL Select, MySQL Insert, Loops, Superglobals (GET, POST), Associative Arrays, HTML/CSS

PHP Quizzer

Description: Quizzer is a simple PHP/MySQL based quiz engine. it uses multiple choices and admins can create new quizzes from within the browser

PHP Syntax, PHPMyAdmin, MySQL Select, MySQL Insert, Loops, Superglobals (GET, POST), Associative Arrays,
HTML/CSS, Includes, Math Functions

PHP Lovers Blog

Description: This blog project is much more advanced than the earlier projects. We create a fairly large blogging
system. We create an admin section to add posts, delete posts as well as update them. We take our first look
at using libraries and classes in OOP as we create a completely custom MySQLi Database class. We also create
custom helper functions

PHP OOP, PHPMyAdmin, MySQL CRUD, Loops, Superglobals (GET, POST), Associative Arrays, Bootstrap Framework

TalkingSpace Form

Description: Here we step up our coding standards and completely separate logic from display. We create a PDO
database class along with 3 or 4 other classes including Topics, Users and a Validator class for form validation

Separate Logic & Display, PHP OOP, PHPMyAdmin, PDO & Prepared Statements, MySQL CRUD, Loops, Superglobals (GET, POST), Associative Arrays,
Custom Template, User & Topic Libs, Sessions, Bootstrap Framework

The GamingPlace Shopping Cart

Description: This is an ecommerce-based MVC web application written with the Codeigniter framework. We utilize many of
Codeigniters libraries, helpers and structure. Users can register, add products to their cart and checkout using PayPal

Codeigniter, MVC, PHP OOP, PHPMyAdmin, PDO & Prepared Statements, MySQL CRUD, Sessions, PayPal Express Checkout API

Wordpress Contact Widget

Description: We will create a plugin/widget for Wordpress that will allow us to put a small contact form in any widget position in the template. It
gives users an easy way to get in touch. The widget will have options in the backend like recipient and subject

Wordpress Platform, Wordpress Plugin API, Wordpress Widget API, PHP OOP, PHPMyAdmin

AJAX Address Book

Description: A completely custom addressbook application written in PHP along with jQuery and Ajax. Ajax is used to fetch contacts as well as add and edit them.
We use the "Foundation" HTML5 framework for the application's user interface.

Foundation Framework, Ajax, jQuery, PHP OOP, PHPMyAdmin, PDO & Perpared Statements, MySQL CRUD, Superglobals (GET, POST), Associative Arrays

JobFinds Job Board

Description: This is a fairly large project in which we will be using the CakePHP framework to build a job board. Users can register and login
to add a job. We also implement search & filter to narrow down job searches by keywords, location and category. We use the Kickstart HTML5 framework for UI

Foundation Framework, Ajax, jQuery, PHP OOP, PHPMyAdmin, PDO & Prepared Statements, MySQL CRUD, Superglobals (GET, POST), Associative Arrays

Kewl CMS Content Management System

Description: Kewl CMS is a Codeigniter based application for managing website content. We will build both frontend and backend. Bootstrap will be used for UI

Codeigniter, Bootstrap, MVC, PHP OOP, PHPMyAdmin, PDO & Prepared Statements, MySQL CRUD, Superglobals (GET, POST), Associative Arrays

Wordpress Bridge Plugin for TGP

Description: We will build a Wordpress plugin that will allow us to connect to the "TheGamingPlace" database and display a set number of products in
a Wordpress page using a custom shortcode 

Full details


  • Getting Started with PHP
    Course Intro
    Introduction to the Course
    Environment Setup
    The lecture describe in detail the process of setting up the PHP environment for development
    PHP Basics
    A quick refresher course in PHP for beginners.
    Getting Started with PHP Files
  • Shoutit Shoutbox
    Building the UI
    The lecture describes the process of building the UI for our App
    Create Database
    Basic Database creation process
    Connect & Fetch Shouts
    Learn the database connectivity feature for the project
    Validate & Insert Shouts
    Learn to put databse validations
    Project 1 Program Files
    Chapter Quiz Questions
  • PHP Quizzer
    Quizzer UI - Part 1
    Learn to make the UI for the Quiz app.
    Quizzer UI - Part 2
    Complete UI for the Quiz App.
    Connect to Database With MySQLi
    Learn to use MySQLi to connect to the database.
    Fetch Quiz Data
    Learn the CRUD operations for the database. Connect and fetch your quiz data from the database
    Process Answers
    Learn to write the answer processing engine for our application.
    Add Question Form
    Adding question forms to populate our database.
    Project 2 Program Files
    Chapter Quiz Questions
  • PHP Lovers Blog
    Blog Folder Structure
    This is the first lesson identifying the structure of our Blog App. It will focus on how the app will look like.
    Frontend UI
    Learn to build the UI of the Blog application. It will focus on twitter bootstrap.
    Create Database Class
    Learn to create the database class for all database operations.
    Frontend Database Fetch
    Learn to write the operations for front end database queries.
    Admin Area UI
    Learn to create an Admin area for your site.
    Admin Database Fetch
    This module handles the database for your Admin panel.
    Insert, Update and Delete Part 1
    Adding Posts and Categories
    Insert, Update and Delete Part 2
    Update and Deletion of blogs
    Project 3 Program Files
    Chapter Quiz Questions
  • TalkingSpace Forum
    Creating The File Structure
    The UI Part 1 - Index Page and Base HTML
    Learn to build the UI of the forum application.
    The UI Part 2 - Inner Page HTML
    Writing the inner page HTML of our project.
    The UI Part 3 - Adding The CSS
    This lecture add the look and feel to the project using CSS.
    The Database
    Learn all about the database management for the forum app in this lecture.
    The Template Class Part 1
    Learn to build the template class for the home page.
    The Template Class Part 2 - Inner Page Templates
    This lecture teaches the creation of inner page template for the forum
    The Topic Class Part 1
    Learn to write the logic for handling various topics in the forum.
    The Topic Class Part 2 - Topics With Category Filters
    Adding the categories to the topics. Adding more layers to our app.
    The Topic Class Part 3 - Single Topic Pages
    Learn to create the single topic pages.
    The User Class Part 1 - User Registration
    This class teaches you the user handling of the your app
    The User Class Part 2 - Validator Class
    Learn to create the master validator class for your app. It will check for all user validations
    The User Class Part 3 - Login and Logout
    Implementing the sessions and login-logout feature in our App.
    Adding Topics
    Learn to implement Topics in our forum website.
    Project 4 Program Files
    Chapter Quiz Questions
  • TheGamingPlace Shopping Cart
    Install & Configure Codeigniter Part 1
    Learn to build a shopping cart using Code Igniter framework.
    Install & Configure Codeigniter Part 2 - Database Setup
    This lecture deals with the database structure of our shopping cart project
    TheGamingPlace UI Part 1 - Base HTML
    This lecture teaches you to create the UI for your shopping cart website.
    TheGamingPlace UI Part 2 - Inner HTML and CSS
    Learn to build the inner page HTML and CSS for the project
    Views and Layouts
    Learn to build views and layouts for our application.
    Get and Display Products Part 1
    Learn to query for categories and popular products from the database.
    Get and Display Products Part 2 - Get Categories and Popular Products
    This module allows adding of categories and popular products to the website.
    Cart & Payment
    Learn to implement the shopping cart and payment class.
    Users Part 1 - User Registration
    Learn to implement the user management module with this lecture.
    Users Part 2 - User Login and Logout
    Learn to do the session management and login-logout feature for your website.
    PayPal Checkout
    Implementing PayPal checkout in our website.
    Project 5 Program Files
    Chapter Quiz Questions
  • Wordpress Contact Widget
    Install Wordpress
    Learn to install WordPress locally in your server.
    Wordpress Plugin Structure
    Understand the Plugin structure with this comprehensive lecture.
    Create Widget Class
    Learn to build the Widget class for our project.
    POST with jQuery AJAX
    Learn to add Post with JQuery and Ajax.
    Build PHP Mailer
    Learn to implement PHP mailer in our widget.
    Project 6 Program Files
    Chapter Quiz Questions
  • Addressbook Using PHP, AJAX & jQuery
    Create Application Structure
    The lecture describes the structure for the address book website.
    Addressbook UI
    This lectures teaches the creation of UI for our application.
    Database and Config
    Design the database and configure it as per the project specifications.
    Select and Add Contacts
    Implement Selection and Addition of contacts to the address book.
    Edit and Delete Contacts Part 1 - Creating The Edit Form Modal
    Implement the editing and deletion of contacts using a panel.
    Edit and Delete Contacts Part 2
    Final lecture describing the addition and deletion of the contacts.
    Project 7 Program Files
    Chapter Quiz Questions
  • JobFinds Job Board
    JobFinds UI Part 1 - HTML Layout
    This lecture deals with UI building and HTML creation of the Jobs Board project.
    JobFinds UI Part 2 - CSS
    Implement the CSS of the project.
    JobFinds UI Part 3 - Inner Page HTML
    Learn to build the Inner page HTML of the site.
    Database, Installation and Config
    Create the config file for your database.
    Jobs Display Part 1 - Controller and View Basics
    Learn to display the Job entries. The lecture shows the Controller and Views.
    Jobs Display Part 2 - Layouts and Elements
    Add layouts and elements to the Job Post page.
    Jobs Display Part 3 - Browse Controller and View
    This lecture shows the implementation of the browse controller and views.
    Jobs Display Part 4 - Search and Filter
    Search and Filter implementation.
    Add, Edit and Delete Jobs Part 1 - Adding Jobs
    Addition, Editing and Deletion of Jobs from the website.
    Add, Edit and Delete Jobs Part 2 - Update & Delete Jobs
    Update and Deletion of Jobs.
    User Authentication Part 1 - User Registration
    Learn to Implement the User Authentication.
    User Authentication Part 2 - Login and Access Control
    The lecture teaches the proper implementation of session management and user access control.
    Project 8 Program Files
    Chapter Quiz Questions
  • Kewl CMS
    Codeigniter Install and Configure
    Code Igniter installation and configuration for the project.
    Kewl CMS UI Part 1 - Frontend and Dashboard Index UI
    Building the UI for our CMS.
    Kewl CMS UI Part 2 - Inner Page and Login UI
    Implement the inner page HTML and Login UI.
    Create Kewl Database
    Learn to implement the database of the project.
    Frontend Articles and Views Part 1 - Frontend Articles Index
    Frontend Articles and view implementation for the CMS
    Frontend Articles and Views Part 2 - Frontend Inner Pages
    Front end and inner pages creation for the website.
    Admin Dashboard and Layout
    Learn to create the admin dashboard panel for the CMS.
    Admin Articles & Categories Part 1 - Articles Index and Add
    Learn to add articles and categories to your Admin panel.
    Admin Articles & Categories Part 2 - Articles Update, Publish and Delete
    Articles update, publish and delete through admin panel.
    Admin Articles & Categories Part 3 - Categories
    Learn to add categories logic to the CMS.
    Admin Articles & Categories Part 4 - Search and Filter
    Learn to implement search and filter option to your site.
    Users & Groups
    Build the user and groups inside the user management module.
    Authentication Part 1 - Login and Logout
    User authentication module creation.
    Authentication Part 2 - Access Control
    The final lecture to handle access rights of various users.
    Chapter Quiz Questions
    Project 9 Program Files
  • TGP Wordpress Plugin
    Create Plugin File and Menu Item
    Lecture teaching the creation of Plugin file and Menu item.
    Create Plugin Options Form
    Learn plugin options form creation.
    Storing Option Values
    The lecture explains the option handling for the plugin.
    Displaying Plugin Data
    Learn to display plugin data to user.
    Project 10 Program Files
    Chapter Quiz Questions
  • Course Summary
    Course Summary
  • Quiz Answers
    Quiz Answers


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  • PHP Tool

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