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Productivity - How To Be Hyper Productive When Working Your Home Business Or Job

Discover the secrets of a 30-year home business success & how to apply them to your home based job or business



Do you struggle with being productive when working from home?

Wonder why you are so easily distracted and then end up wasting lots of valuable time when you should be focused on the things that matter?

Ever get so frustrated with your lack of productivity that you end up being LESS productive for the rest of the day, or even for the rest of the week?

Hey, it happens to everyone, but you know what? It doesn't have to!

When you know the secrets to being highly productive and highly profitable in your own home based business or job, then you will be unstoppable.

Learn these strategies, build them into daily habits and you will begin to see a new you emerge, a home based business owner who gets a LOT more done, and faster and more profitably.

You see, one of the biggest reasons many people fail at their own home business is because they have not yet developed the key "profit habits", the key elements of working from home that are known only to those who have lived it and have grown to survive and even thrive while working from home.

I've been a home based business owner for most of my working life (over 30 years) and I am here to give you the secrets to home based success - on a silver platter!

You will be mentored by me, someone who has actually made millions while working from home; someone who has achieved some of the highest levels of work from home achievement and I will give you the guidance you need, when you need it.

Enroll in this course, buckle up, and get ready to be the hyper-productive, hyper-profitable entrepreneur or work from home telecommuter you KNOW you can be! 

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  • How To Be Hyper Productive When Working From Home
    Let's get productive! In this video lecture, you'll get a quick tour of the course and discover all the great things you will learn in the course. Get excited, because the strategies inside CAN change your life!
    Get Excited! What You'll Get Inside This Course
    Discover the specific topics we will cover inside the course. Learn about the key distractions that happen to everyone who works from home and how you can avoid or eliminate them.
    Developing The Mindset For Home Business Success
    When you work from home or own your own home business, your mindset about how your work is key to success. In this video, you'll learn the correct mindset to have and how it can make all the difference in the world to your success and productivity.
    Strategy 1 - The Key To Developing Focus
    In this key lecture, you learn about the power of focus and how you can develop your ability to focus to a very high level. I reveal my story about how I was not focused when I first started out in my first home business (many years ago) and why and how I developed focus which led to making millions of dollars online. Focus is so critical and this lecture shows you how to get hyper focused.
    Strategy 2 - How To See Time
    Many people don't pay much attention to time, seeing it as a fixed variable in our lives, but how you see time can make a huge difference in your results. You can choose to make tens of dollars an hour, hundreds of dollars an hour or even thousands of dollars an hour - it completely depends on the value that you place on your time and the business vehicle that you choose to use to achieve that. This video is key to your success!
    Strategy 3 - How To "Be Your Own Boss"
    Everyone tells you how great it is to be your own boss, but very few people actually TEACH you HOW to be your own boss! In this video, you'll learn the HOW of being your own boss and how important it is to follow these principles.
    Strategy 4 - Eliminating Distractions
    In this lecture, you'll see some of the key distractions you need to eliminate in order to be highly productive. The lectures that follow cover these in much more detail.
    Dealing With The Distraction Of TV
    Discover how to see, understand eliminate and deal with the distraction of TV in this insightful lecture.
    Dealing With The Addictive Distraction Of Social Media
    In this video, we talk about the magnetic and often addictive pull of social media and how you can develop positive habits around social media.
    How To Set Boundaries With Family
    What if you're working from home while your family is there, too? Dealing with family distractions can often be difficult and can even lead to strife. But when you set your boundaries correctly, you'll learn how to easily co-exist with your family in peace and harmony while you work in a hyper-focused, hyper-productive way.
    Dealing With The Distraction Of Phone Calls
    The phone and random phone calls in general can be a big distraction to your day to day productivity and flow. This video shares the specific strategies I use to be and stay hyper productive when it comes to the use of the phone.
    How To Make Your Meal Breaks Productive
    What do you do during meal breaks - can you use meal breaks to improve your productivity? Yes, you can! In this video, we discuss the importance of meal breaks and how you can use them to dramatically improve your business results!
    How To Deal With Housework
    What about housework? Is there a way to deal with keeping your house clean in all this process? In this video, I show you how to deal with the necessity of housework and how to deal with it correctly.
    Strategy 5 - Maximizing Your Home Business Work Space
    Your work space and the environment that you work in has a lot to do with your productivity. In this video, we discuss the importance of your work environment and talk about how to improve yours and make it hyper productive.
    The Proper Place For Music And How To Make It Work For You
    Music - it can inspire, it can energize and it can also distract. How do you determine which it is for you and how can you make music work in your favor? We discuss music in this video lecture.
    A Good Place To Focus And The Best Place To Focus
    In this video, we talk about two awesome places to get outside of the house and work - one of which I consider "the ultimate productivity zone".
    Strategy 6 - Building A Team To Maximize Your Productivity Results
    When the time is right, it will be a good idea to outsource some of your less critical tasks so that you can focus on the things that make you the most money. In this video, we talk about the importance of building a team of outsourced workers for your business and I also give you some tips on how to find these outsourced workers. Building a team is what will allow you to scale your business to new levels!
    Strategy 7 - Why Be Productive? Why We Work Longer And Harder Than Others
    In this video, we talk about your "why" and how you can use it to propel yourself to massive heights of achievement. Understanding your "why" can give you the fuel to work productively and grow fast.
    This lecture concludes the course with some closing thoughts.


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