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Business / Human Resources

Performance Management: Coaching & Energizing Your Employees

Develop Superstars: Learn to coach your employees for success, increase performance, engagement and retention


As a busy entrepreneur or professional, you may have experienced the frustration of employees who are not performing like you have hoped. In most cases, the employee has the potential of performing just the way you want, all that is needed is coaching. This course will teach you how to get the best of out your people and build a dynamic team. - Understand the difference between coaching and training - Learn what success coaching is all about - Learn to coach high performers - Learn to coach developing employees - Understand the benefits of peer coaching - Learn to assess progress
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  • Introducing the Concepts
    Introduction to the Objectives of the Course
  • Coaching Concepts
    The Difference Between Training & Coaching
    This lesson defines training and coaching as two separate activities
    Training Tips and Examples
    This lesson focuses on Training as a skillset
    Setting the Stage for Coaching Success
    This lesson provides the information you need to understand coaching processes and outcomes
    Getting Yourself Prepared
    This lesson provides you with information on how to prepare yourself to become a great coach
  • Coaching Sessions
    Coaching the High Performer
    This lesson covers the techniques and tips on coaching high-performing team members
    Setting Up the Next Coaching Session
    This lesson provides information on how to close a coaching session and prepare for the next one
    Coaching the Developing Employee
    This lesson gives the tips and techniques to successfully coach an employee who is new, or is struggling with results
  • Peer Coaching and Assessing
    Peer Coaching
    This lesson provides the information you need to set up a peer coaching system
    Assessing Progress Over Time
    This lesson provides tips on keeping yourself fresh and engaged with coaching
    Raising the Stakes
    This lesson provides you with information on how to raise the bar on performace and coaching expectations
  • Course Summary and Close
    Course Conclusion
    A quick summary and a deal for other courses


  • Business Coaching
  • Performance Management
  • Talent Management

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