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Business / Entrepreneurship

Maintaining Your Passion & Drive

How to keep fighting when the going gets tough.



Having a true passion and drive for what you do is a necessary asset to have when all the other keys to success are in place.  When the other keys to success are working, and you ALSO must have tremendous, undying passion – the motivation and power to execute over time – your probability for success is high.  

This course will identify the reasons and motivations for being in business. It will identify advantages that business ownership offers and help you summarize the important activities in your life, other than work, that you will maintain in order to hold onto such a level of passion.The lessons within this course will allow you to clarify your personal values and devise a communication plan to share them with others.  

Keeping up your passion is an important skill to have for any entrepreneur, student, or business executive. It's the fuel that keeps us going when the going gets tough.

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  • Maintaining Your Passion & Drive
    Maintaining Zealous Tenacity
    Your Ability to Execute
    Maintaining Your Passion
    Maintaining - The Role of Passion
    Remember Advantages and Take Regular Breaks
    Clarify Your Values
    Maintaining - The Role of Tennacity
    Set and Acheive Your Goals
    Keeping Your Passion Alive
    Passion and Drive Checklist

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