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Life Compass

Create your personal Life Plan and Goal Tracker whilst being guided step by step with world class tools and techniques


How do you manage your life?

How do you know at the end of the day if you managed to make progress towards your long term goals?

How often do you celebrate your successes?

The Life Compass is a tool that will help you take a holistic approach to your Life Plan. So much more than a simple goal tracking tool, this will ensure that each month you stay on top of what is truly important to you. It will cover all elements of your life such as health, relationships, career, finance, or spirituality.

Through this course, you will be guided step by step to build your personal copy of the Life Compass, complementary as part of this tool! 

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  • Principles and Guidance
    This video is a simple welcome and introduction to the course.
    World Class Tips for Goal Setting
    SMART Goals: 1) Specific, 2) Measurable, 3) Achievable, 4) Relevant, 5) Time Bounded
    Mission Statement and Values
    Remember: Begin with the end in mind by starting with WHY your goals are widely important to you.
    Long Term Goals
    Long term goals are split in 3 categories: 1) by the end of the current year, 2) 5 years from now, 3) an intermediate period in between
    Monthly Scorecard
    Remember: the monthly scorecard will help you gain time by avoiding to rekey recurring goals. It will also allow you to measure your level of consistency in performing a certain task.
    Month Specific Activities
    Remember: it is preferable to work on your month specific activities with your calendar on your side. What are the key events happening next month? Also, have fun writing a story of your month to yourself. At the end of the year, this will be a great read, guaranteed!
    You made it! Time for you to get start your own Life Compass!
  • Demonstrations
    DEMO 1 - Mission Statement and Values
    Download your life compass and start with this first section on Mission Statement and Values. Remember that you can use the link on the intro page if you are looking for guidance on How to write a personal mission statement.
    DEMO 2 - Long Term Goals
    Remember: make sure you use the columns "deadline" and "status", they will be very useful for your goals management
    DEMO 3 - Monthly Scorecard
    Remember: your monthly scorecard includes Monthly, Weekly and Daily activities.
    DEMO 4 - Energy Audit
    Remember: this is a simple self assessment to help you find some inspiration on what you could be working on to improve your level of energy in life
    DEMO 5 - Month Specific Activities
    Remember to write the story in words. Also, feel free to change the categories as you wish.
    DEMO 6 - Greg's Personal Life Compass
    Time to show you a real life example!
  • Your Life Compass
    Create Your Life Plan and Personal Goals Tracker
    Life Compass Project


  • Relationships

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