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Learn to Podcast


Learn How to Make a Podcast Publish a new episode in less than 15 minutes (not including recording and editing time) Set up your own popular Podcast show The Secret to Ranking on iTunes, the 800 Pound Gorilla of Podcasting Discover How iTunes and Apple can Send Millions of Podcast Listeners to Your Show Discover How to Build a Fanatic Following of Fabulous Friends How to Choose the Right Microphone For Your Show How to Conduct Interviews Across the Globe Discover how to make a Podcast - Fast, Easy and FUN! Join over 4990 students using Power Podcasting to position themselves as THE Expert, build relationships, grow their influence, increase sales, and change the world. What is a Podcast? It is audio or video shows, that when you subscribe to them, are automatically updated on your Computer, Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, and/or iPods. Think of them as free radio or TV shows which you deliver Spam-Free! directly to your audience every time you produce one. Podcasting is bigger than you think. When we survey people who listen to free, commercial-free audio Podcasts at least once a month: we discover an interesting fact: Online Radio beats AM/FM Radio, streaming audio, CD's, TV Music channels, & Sirius! "Power Podcasting Rocks!" "Scott is friendly and easy to follow. He clearly knows his stuff. All the tools are here, and laid out in easy way. I think it is a great course! I was shocked at how popular this is. Great marketing tool that I overlooked. Great education." ~ Dan Kobelt If you look at the number of people listening to these free shows monthly, they are as popular as Twitter with 39 million listeners, even if it doesn't get the same 'Love'. But instead of communicating in impersonal 150 character Tweets, with Power Podcasting, you get right into the head of your target market for as long as they let you. They are portable — and because of this, they are more personal. Imagine whispering into the ears of your ideal customers every week... building strong relationships, trust and connections. But instead of One-to-One, Power Podcasting is One-to-Many! Our students know that Podcasting is relationship building in the sales process, and not the time to go for the hard close. These listeners are higher income earners. They listen daily to an hour and forty minutes more audio than the average American consumer. They are dedicated to continual learning, so just imagine what happens when your show is available on new cars all over the world... Power Podcasting "allows you to convey your personality in a much stronger way than is possible through the written word. That clarity in your message is seen and felt through your actions (on video) and the tone of your voice..." according to Chris Ducker, Author of #1 Bestseller 'Virtual Freedom'. When you claim your seat in this course, you'll have permanent online access to watch the course 24/7, and there's a Q&A discussion section in each lecture, where you can post questions - and I'll answer them personally! By following the short, simple, easy-to-follow lectures, you will be able to work through the process of setting up your show and publishing your first episode quickly. The course was designed to accomplish one goal: Start a Podcast as fast as possible. I recommend watching the first 6 sections in their entirety. There are PDF workbooks included for you to use to clarify your topic, title, descriptions, intro and extros. For 'Type A' personalities, there is a "Fast Track" Lecture (Section One, Lecture #6), in which if you already have a finished MP3 or MP4 file, reveals which lectures to watch so that after following only 33 minutes of video, you will have your show live and into iTunes. In other words, you can be up and running in under an hour. The technical processes of are only one aspect of successful Podcasting. Walk through real life examples of producing a live show, discover how to use your voice effectively to move your audience, uncover how to repurpose content for your podcast that you may already be doing, and how to do it FAST! Power Podcasting "will grow your email list, your audience, your influence and your bank account." Amy Porterfield of "Tweet This" and former Social Media Maven for social media for the likes of Harley Davidson & Tony Robbins. Podcasts are growing rapidly, and thanks to CarPlay, Google Play and Apps, continue strong growth for years to come. It is just past the 'Early Adopter' stage and has huge potential moving forward. Don't miss out on the low-competition, high-demand opportunities that your fellow Power Podcasters are enjoying. "Great content that kept my attention" "Scott is obviously very knowledgeable, experienced and shares great content. I am a beginner and he has inspired me to believe that even I can do this. Also, I find some of the other courses very boring and they lose me. This one doesn't. Scott makes it entertaining, easy and fun to learn." ~ Marion Baker
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  • Introduction to Podcasting
    From Machu Picchu, Peru, Scott Paton starts you on a worldwide journey of Podcasting.
    How to get the most out of this course
    Watch this video to discover how to maximize the advantages you will receive from taking Power Podcasters. I want you to harness the power of Podcasting and ride it to the top of the charts!
    What is Podcasting?
    Includes a tour of the 800 pound gorilla of Podcasting. The one place you absolutely must submit your podcast if you want any chance of building a successful podcast. People can argue over everything in the world, EXCEPT this!
    Why Podcast
    Scott shares some of his favorite reasons why podcasting is important to your business. Discover why Podcasting as an international medium is totally in its infancy.
    One Billion Podcast Subscribers
    Apple recently announced they had their One Billionth Podcast subscriber. Scott talks about what this means to your Podcast show and business.
    A Podcast Icon on 650 Mobile Million Devices
    Why Podcasts, and in particular yours, can be heard around the world and on more and more mobile devices.
    Carplay Changes the Game
    What impact will Apple Carplay have on your potential listening audience? Think: "Stuck in traffic again..."
  • Set Up Your Podcast Show
    Putting together your podcast can be a crazy, wild ride, but we promise not as crazy as the one we went on in the Andes Mountains near Machu Picchu...
    Scott's Power Podcast Hosting Solution
    Most of podcast hosting services cost money every month. Many have a free level until you hit a specified level of either Gigabytes of storage or Gigabytes of bandwidth. Scott shares an established Podcast host with only $99 a year Podcast hosting. Hint: He built it, keeps it up-to-date, and it has all the bells and whistles he wished other podcast hosting companies had. Only $99 annually for students of this course.
    Set Up Your Podcast Host/Producer Information
    You have the ability to set up multiple Podcasts with multiple co-hosts or show topics. In this lecture, Scott shows you how to set up your first host profile.
    Set up Your Podcast Show
    Finally! By the end of this lecture, you will have your first Power Podcast show set up. In Section 4, you will learn how to upload your first episode. The good news is you can edit all your settings. In the upcoming lectures, we delve into Titles, Descriptions, Categories and Album Art in more detail. It is possible after those lectures, you may want to review this one and make changes to your Power Podcast.
    Title, Description and Popular Keywords for Your Show
    The biggest mistakes made by Podcasters who wonder why no one is listening are discussed here since they usually have to do with your choice of Title, Description and Tags.
    Podcast Album Art
    Make your album art 1400 x 1400 pixels and in PNG format (JPG is acceptable). In this lecture, Scott shares his opinion on what makes great album art for your podcast and what doesn't. Fiverr Link: https://www.fiverr.com/creativepro180/create-a-podcast-cover-art-in-24-hours
    Editing Snippet Title, Show Title and Episode Titles
    Gavin asked "Enjoying your course, how do I edit an existing SNIPPET? How do I edit the title or add content to my existing snippet?" This video answers that student question.
    What to do if You Have a Problem With MPW
    In this short lecture, Scott shares what to do if you have a technical issue using MyPodcastWorld.
    Power Podcast Worksheet: Your Checklist
    Print out your Show Workbook and use it to make sure you have everything you need to smoothly set up your Power Podcast.
  • Making Your Audio
    How to create your audios.
    Talking About Microphones
    Scott discusses his different Microphones.
    Intros and Extros
    Using Skype
    Using Skype to record interviews for your Podcast
    Recording Skype Interviews with Call Recorder
    Recording Skype Interviews on a Mac with Call Recorder
    Edit Your Audio With Garageband
    Edit Your Audio With Garageband on a Mac
    Garageband Template For Recording and Editing Audio
  • Create Your Podcast Episodes
    In this section, learn how to make your first episode.
    Episode Topics
    Set up Your Podcast Episode
    Using Intros and Extros in Your Episodes
    What are Intros and Extros and why are they important?
  • Submit Your Podcast to iTunes and Google Play
    Introduction To Submitting Your Podcast
    RSS Feeds and How They Help Promote Your Podcast
    How to promote your RSS Feed and update your Podcast fast.
    iTunes Tour
    A quick tour of the iTunes interface.
    Feedburner and Your RSS Feed
    Discover how you can control your Podcast RSS Feed.
    Submit Your Podcast to iTunes
    Learn how to Submit Your Podcast to iTunes
    Google Podcast Changes
    Google Play now includes free Podcasts. Learn how to add your Podcast to Google Play.
    iTunes SEO Tips
    Scott shares some Search Engine Optimization tips and strategies for ranking your Podcast higher in iTunes.


  • Audio Editing
  • Podcasting

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