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Learn How to Double or Triple Your Income in Real Estate!

Grow your Real Estate Business in leaps and bounds! This course is for licensed realtors who want to be in the top 1%.


This course consists of 34+ coaching sessions that will teach you step-by-step how to double or triple your income from one year to the next. This will enable you to achieve all the things you've dreamed of — whether that's buying your dream car or dream house, investing in property, sending your kids to college, or donating money to charities. Whatever your dream is, money helps you get there! This course will provide you with the tools to make as much money as you want, whether you are a novice or an experienced agent. In real estate, there are no limits! Treat this as your own personal real estate coach… when you complete a lesson you should spend the next week executing the tips in the lesson. Schedule a recurring appointment on your calendar to take in each new lesson. Then follow through on the lesson before moving on to the next one. If you do this in this fashion, it will be the equivalent of having your own real estate coach (which normally costs $250/session). That means you are getting more than a $8000 value! If you are not absolutely happy with this class, you can get a full refund within the first 30 days. Enroll in this class now to start your future today! (If you are really really really happy with the course, please leave me a good review. If you aren't completely happy with something in the course, please let me know so I can help you and correct the problem…) NOTE: Beware of Pirate sites that may put viruses on your computer if you download this lecture elsewhere.
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  • Proof and Goal: Spend Less & Earn More
    Why should you listen to me? See proof of my production and income.
    See solid "proof" of my production and income history: let me show you why I'm a credible coach!
    Terms you need to know to be successful...
    It’s all about the NET: how you can keep your money.
    I earned a lot and spent a lot (in marketing) before I figured out the best formula for maximizing your net. Learn from me what to spend money on and what to skip.
    Intro to Section 2
    Learn how to build a strong foundation so that your business can survive any storm.
  • It’s your life…!
    The one thing you MUST know to be successful.
    Use these exercises to give you the focus and motivation you need to do what needs to be done on a daily basis to manifest your true success! Once you know your "why", the "how" will happen.
    This is one thing that all successful businesses do.
    Be a business owner, and real estate consultant, and develop your roadmap to your success using this system.
    The one thing you should do so you don’t have to think for an entire year.
    Create your marketing plan for the next year so you won't ever have to think "What am I going to do today to build my business." All you will need to do is follow your simple plan and your success will unfold. A NEW attachment has been added!
    Section 3 Intro
    Regardless of how simple, or silly, or unnecessary these steps seem... take the steps!
  • You can’t handle the truth! …or can you?
    Did you join the military?
    You will learn to use structure and discipline to design your life. With structure comes the freedom to be the very best "you". Time blocking is your first step towards this freedom.
    A few things you can do in the morning that will change your world.
    Having a morning routine that strengthens your mind, body, and spirit for the day will inspire the best in you.
    Night time is for…<fill in the blank>.
    Your day starts the night before. You will learn how to use this fact to heighten your efficiency and effectiveness.
    Replace don’t Erase your money making activity.
    Developing your business should be your number one focus. Learn how and why you need to "replace" and not "erase" this critical activity.
    Doing this one thing will make you more money… guaranteed!
    By having someone hold you accountable for your actions and results... your business will grow in leaps and bounds.
    Intro to Section 4
    Systems aid your success because they set things in motion so that you don't need to think about anything to achieve your success... you simply follow the system. For this reason, having systems in place also enables you to sell your business down the road when you are ready to retire.
  • The ingredients in this section could enable you to sell your business one day.
    Without these, you won’t have any money.
    Leads result in escrows. Escrows result in closings. Closings = money. Therefore, leads = $$$$. Learn how to develop as many leads as possible to maximize your wealth.
    One simple thing you can do to ensure your success.
    If you learn this tracking system, you will discover your "number". This "number" will get plugged into your business plan and will reveal exactly what you really need to do to achieve the abundance you want.
    Your “little black book” will make you money.
    Learn your "little black book" options and how to fully utilize this resource to increase your production.
    The HOT ones need their own “black book”!
    This report will change your work life, keeping your pipeline nice and plump!
    Set aside time to work on your business & not just in your business to make $$$.
    When do you want to discover you are off track? Yesterday, right? And if not yesterday, then today. Don't let your year get away from you without knowing whether you are still on your correct path. This tool will keep you going in the right direction and let you know when you are slipping, while there's still plenty of time to correct it.
    Pay Attention! How to make money while on vacation!
    Listings are GOLD! You can make money while you are sick, on vacation, or with family. You will be learning how to get as many of these as possible.
  • This section is your GOLD!
    This will give you momentum and make you money!
    Door knocking is the best marketing you can do because you don't have to spend any money, and the face-to-face contact you get is priceless. Learn what to do and what not to do to fully utilize this tool.
    Hot ideas for creating your wealth.
    Here are all sorts of practical, real life marketing pieces and tools that you can use TODAY to create lots of business!
    This is the one place I will encourage you to spend money!
    Learn this facebook tactic to bring in more leads than you can handle!
    Details on Promoting a Facebook Ad
    The easiest money you will ever make!
    You will get your fastest, easiest, and most enjoyable sales from your past clients. Learn critical techniques for developing your relationships with your past clients and sphere of influence.
    This separates you from the pack.
    Develop your "buyer consultation". Only the top 1% of agents in the business know to use this. It separates you from everyone else.
    Having a great one of these makes all the difference.
    Create your "seller consultation" to ensure that YOU get the listing -- NOT your competitors.
    This is the best way I've ever found to stay in touch with my buyers and sellers!
    Steal this video campaign to keep your buyers and sellers committed to you!
    The best ways of phrasing questions when talking to prospects.
    Developing this will add frosting to your cake...
    Build your referral network by creating a networking group of professionals YOU pick.
    Here’s how I make more money off my “drip” database than any other agent I know.
    Steal my videos and add your own spin and ideas to grab the attention of all those "cool" and "warm" leads in your database.
    Here’s the way to grow your business the quickest when doing an open house.
    Most agents use open houses to either get buyer leads or to sell the house they are sitting. Learn how to use your open houses to GET LISTINGS, which again, are GOLD.


  • Business Planning
  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Real Estate

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