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Lean BPM - Lean Business Process Management

Lean BPM - learn how to use lean business management techniques to reduce waste and increase profits


Processes Affect Profits 

Business profits are directly affected by how good or bad your business processes are. Good processes can reduce waste. Bad processes cost a business money.  

Efficient Processes Creates Opportunity It is a known fact that if a business improves on its processes it can create massive opportunity. Brands like McDonalds are pure process driven businesses that have changed whole sectors because they recognised this! Improving your processes will directly improve your profitability.   

What You Will Learn In This Course 

  • But how do you change processes? 
  • What are the things you need to learn and implement? 
  • In this course you will learn the concepts of process management change. 
  • You will also be guided through a simple process change project, so you can see how it works with a specific example. 
  • You will also receive free documents and resources for your own process project!     

Teaching Method 

What method will you be teaching? This course is a collaboration between Mark Timberlake and Stephen Mather. Stephen has developed the ProPeC system of business improvement after spending many years in the business improvement sector. It is a revolutionary, yet simple system, that will give you business improvements fast. It is this system that we will use to help you improve your own business processes.   

Who This Course Is For: If you answer YES to any of the following questions, then this course is for you. 

  • Are you a business that wants to improve your profitability by reducing waste using LEAN processes and Lean management techniques? 
  • Are you a manager that needs to improve your management skills and deliver improvements in the business? 
  • Are you a manager that needs to increase the value of their employability be learning how to implement continuous improvement processes? 
  • Are you a CEO or Director who wants to understand the LEAN process so that it can be delivered effectively in the business? 
  • Are you a professional manager or work in the HR industry and want to improve your employment viability? 

Course Description

  • This course will guide you through the whole process of LEAN improvement methods and show you how to implement a continuous improvement cycle. 
  • Understanding LEAN business processes is a key driver in improving business performance at any level. 
  • In this course we will teach you the ProPeC Simple Improvement Process, which takes state of the art business improvement principles and lays them out in a very simple to understand step by step process. 
  • You will understand and learn how to run a current state analysis of your business processes that will enable you to identify key areas of improvement. 
  • You will also learn how to tie improvements to high end business goals, so that they meet core business objectives. 
  • Identifying and implementing an action plan is a key component of strong change management and you will be shown how to do this in this course. 
  • You will be able to identify the different TIM WOODS wastes in a business. 
  • Creating a process flow is a core skill in any continuous improvement cycle, which you will understand once you have been through the course. 
  • Writing SMART goals ensures that what you are trying to achieve is actually based in reality, in this course we will teach you how to create them. 
  • Maybe you need help running efficient business meetings, in this course we take you through the process of setting up a meeting that achieves its end goal. 
  • By the time you have completed this course, you will know how to review a continuous improvement project and indeed lead a team through that project. 
  • You will also finish with a solid overview of modern business improvement processes that you can then implement in your organisation. 

Take The Course

So join the course and learn how to increase profitability, how to reduce waste and how to manage and implement a continuous improvement cycle.   

What are the requirements? 

  • Students will need to be involved in a business at a supervisory level or above 
  • Students will need a basic understanding of business principles 

What am I going to get from this course? 

  • Understand LEAN business processes 
  • Will understand the ProPeC "Simple Improvement Process" 
  • Understand how to connect business improvements to high level business goals 
  • Be able to run a current state analysis 
  • Identify and implement an action plan 
  • Have a clear understanding of a continuous improvement cycle 
  • Define waste in a business using the TIM WOODS method of waste identification 
  • Create a process flow 
  • Write a SMART goal 
  • Create a GANTT chart to help them implement a continuous improvement strategy 
  • Run an efficient business meeting 
  • Review a continuous improvement business cycle 
  • Lead a team through a continuous improvement project 

What is the target audience? 

  • This course is suitable for any business owner who wants to reduce waste using a project based approach 
  • This course is suitable for managers who need to deliver improvements in their business 
  • This course is suitable for HR managers who need to support and deliver training in an organisation 
  • This course is suitable for Directors & Chairmen who want to understand the LEAN process and how it is applied in a business 
  • This course is suitable for managers who want to increase their employability by improving their management skills 
  • This course is suitable for any individual involved in a continuous improvement project who needs a complete overview of the process 
  • This course is suitable for private sector business 
  • This course is suitable for public sector organisations 
  • This course is suitable for charities who want to improve their organisational skills
Full details


  • Introduction
    Lean Processes - Improve Business Performance
  • ProPeC Improvement System
    Finding Your Reason Why
    Current State Analysis
    Current State Analysis Conclusion
    Identifying And Implementing SMART Goals
    The Power Of SMART Goals
    How To Identify Key Actions And Core Plans
    Implementation Of Your Plans And Actions
    Reviewing Your Improvement Project
  • Example Project Walk Through
    Understanding Your Reason Why
    Validating Your Reason Why
    Current State Analysis Example
    Define Your Goals
    Defining Your Actions and Plans
    Implementing Your Plans
    Propec Review
  • Resource List
    SMART Goals
    Grid Analysis
    Reason Why Coaching Questions


  • Business Process
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Process Improvement

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