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How to Write a Great Book Even if You're a Bad Writer

How to write a book: write your first book without writing, even if you think you are a bad writer & generate an income


Instructor: Alex Genadinik

One of the best ways to make money online is to sell books on Amazon, and many people successfully do that. But what if you don't think that you are a good writer or what if you've never seriously written before? How could you take advantage of this opportunity in that case?

In this book I teach you two strategies you can use to create a book:

  1. First strategy will teach you to create a book without writing a single word 
  2. Second strategy will teach you to create your book by writing what you can, and outsourcing appropriate help that will make your book a high quality book.

Once you write your first book, you can easily use the same method which you will be comfortable with by then to write your second, third and twentieth book. After that, you will be able to sell your books on Amazon for years to come and generate a passive income by working from home on writing more books or just enjoying your semi-retired life.

Go ahead and get the course today and let's get you started on this path of making money from home as an author, and getting you close to a lifestyle you wish you had.

NOTE PLEASE READ: Many well known business people and celebrities create books without writing a single word. I will teach you their strategies in this course. This course isn't to help you become a great writer. It is about helping you be able to have a legitimate book created in your name, and sold for an income. 

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  • Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  • How to Write Your First Great Book Without Writing
    If You are a Bad Writer, That is OK
    Record Your Book with Voice
    Get the Voice Recording Transcribed
    Get the Transcription Edited
    How to Create a Beautiful Cover for Your Book
    How to Upload Your Book to Sell on Amazon and Kindle
    Choosing a Topic for Your Book
    Additional Places to Publish and Sell Your Book
  • Creating Your Book Online
    How to Create a How-To Book Outline
    Novel Outline: Introduction
    Novel Outline: Your Book's Basic Premise
    Novel Outline: Story


  • Strategic Planning

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