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How to Use After Effects Templates for Beginners

Improve your videos with pre-made After Effects templates. No previous skill required to spice up your videos today!


Have you ever wanted to make cool motion graphics or add professional titles and lower thirds to your videos? The truth is that you can do this with no experience. Many sites sell inexpensive After Effects templates that can really spice up your videos. I've been professionally creating motion graphics for years. But sometimes, it's easier to just use a template that someone else has created. Why spend hours re-creating something that is already out there? Yet editing these templates can be daunting if you've never opened After Effects before. This course is for you. What will you be able to do after taking this course? - Open an After Effects project and navigate the program - Edit and customize templates with your own text, photos, video, and graphics - Export the template to use in other video projects or for immediate online sharing This course includes: - A step-by-step video guide to working with After Effects templates - A free video titles template to use in this course and for your own projects - Bonus tutorials that show how to edit a variety of templates including slideshows - A teacher that is always available to help! Just send me a message! If you're ready to improve your videos, enroll now! You will be editing After Effects templates in under an hour!
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  • Using After Effects Templates
    Downloading After Effects templates from places like
    Opening your project for the first time & navigating After Effects
    In this video tutorial, we'll cover: opening After Effects for the first time how to navigate the application - what do you need to know (and what don't you need to know)
    Editing a template in After Effects
    In this video tutorial, we'll cover: editing a template with your own content importing photos, graphics, video, or other content into After Effects
    Adding and editing text in After Effects
    In this video tutorial, we'll cover: editing text with the text tool changing fonts and other text settings using the scale properties of a layer to change the size of text
    How to turn audio on or off in After Effects
    In this video tutorial, we'll cover: turn audio on or off within the After Effects timeline
    How to export (render) videos from After Effects
    In this video tutorial, we'll cover: how to export (also known as rendering, or 'saving') an After Effects template you can use these exports to post online or share wherever you please
    Thank you & what's next?!
    Thank you for taking this course! We really appreciate it!
  • Exporting After Effects Templates
    How to Export After Effects Composition with a Transparent Background
    In this video, I'll show you how to export an After Effects composition with a transparent background.
    Adobe Dynamic Link Tutorial- Bring After Effects Compositions into Premiere Pro
    An easy way to add & edit graphics created in After Effects to a Premiere Pro project is by using the Adobe Dynamic Link feature. With this feature, we can directly bring in lower thirds, titles, and other effects into a video editing project without having to export. You can even make live changes!
    How to Import After Effects Compositions into Another Project
    In this video, I'll show you how to import one After Effects composition into a completely new project.
  • Bonus Lessons
    BONUS: Editing a slideshow template
    In this video tutorial, we'll cover: editing a slideshow template adding your own photos to the slideshow changing the size and position of your photos exporting the slideshow for future use


  • Adobe After Effects CC
  • Video Editing

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