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Google Adwords Grant for Nonprofits

Spending free money to drive online impact


We want to help you spend $120,000 in Google's advertising money next year. You can unlock this potential through the Google Adwords Grant for Nonprofits, which will help you bring in traffic to your nonprofit's website and amplify your digital impact. There are a lot of trainings out there on Google Adwords, but ours is the first that will show you how to apply strategies specific for nonprofits to use Adwords to drive impact. Only our course will walk you through the grant application process and show you the special nuances of working within a grant account. Learn how to Get the Grant, Maximize the Grant, and Optimize the Grant for Impact in this course designed for all levels. Learn how to qualify and apply for the grant Set up an awesome account from scratch Tips and tricks for maxing out the grant Strategies for optimizing the account over time BONUS: How to qualify for 4X the money with GrantsPro Whether you are a beginner just learning about the grant, or you're already maxing it out and just looking to use it better, our course will give you simple, actionable steps toward increasing the impact of your nonprofit this free advertising grant. You'll learn how to drive more leads gain more volunteers garner more supporters capitalize on your existing content spread awareness about your cause Each new day means $329 free Google dollars that you could be spending to help your nonprofit's cause. Sign up to start learning how. What are the requirements? Very basic familiarity with the existence Google AdWords and Google Analytics platforms will help. Students that care and believe in the potential impact of how web traffic can further the goals and mission of the nonprofits they care about. What am I going to get from this course? Over 19 lectures and 2.5 hours of content! Qualify and apply for the Google AdWords Grant for nonprofits Manage and maximize a Google AdWords Grant ($10k per month) Practically find and analyze keywords that drive impactful traffic Analyze AdWords traffic in Google Analytics Configure Google Analytics to track real goals on the website What is the target audience? This course is meant for nonprofit communications or marketing people at the beginner or intermediate levels of AdWords This course is also well suited for agencies that work to manage nonprofit Google AdWords accounts. Experts that already know how to maximize the AdWords spend, but not necessarily connect it to real impact for the nonprofit beyond general web traffic.
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  • Section 1: Why Care about the Google Grant
    Lecture 1: The case for digital advertising
    Why Digital Advertising? How does increasing web traffic increase impact? We’ll talk about how your organization can use digital advertising to support your overall mission and mission-drive initiatives. You’ll see an example of how one nonprofit used AdWords to grow an online community of over 225,000 users and get an outline of our 6 month plan, which takes you from applying (and getting) $120k in ads to driving traffic for impact.
    Lecture 2: Understanding the AdWords Grant
    Grants are Google’s philanthropic arm - you make them look good! Google wants to send users to good quality sites and they reward you for setting up advertising campaigns that help get users what they are looking for. Setting up the grant isn’t as hard as it seems, so don’t be afraid to go for it! And don’t shy away from spending Google’s money, this is an equalizer!
    Lecture 3: Applying for the AdWords Grant
    The Google Grant is a little different from most grants for nonprofits - it’s an online form, not a lengthy application. The Grant gives you 10k per month of in-kind advertising from Google, and it’s a use it or lose it kind of deal- if you don’t spend the 10k one month, it doesn’t carry over to the next month. This video will walk you through the eligibility requirements of applying for the grant, how to apply, and how to keep the Google Grant.
    Lecture 4: How AdWorks Works
    In this video we’ll talk about how Google decides which ads to show when. Adwords is a marketplace where users search terms and choose to click on search results or Ads on the side/top/bottom. Google counts these clicks, and that’s how they make money. Because Google makes more money if more people click, they want your ads to be as attractive as possible.
  • Managing + Maximizing the AdWords account
    Understanding digital goals in Google Analytics
    In order to understand digital goals, we’ll start with what your programmatic goals are and how your website can help achieve them. We’ll also cover tracking goals in analytics and the importance of the landing page. Plus, you’ll get a walkthrough of Power Poetry's Google Analytics account.
    Understanding how to manage your account
    What is a Campaign? Ad Group? Keyword? We’ll cover the terms that you should understand and talk about keyword quality scores.
    Setting up and organizing your account
    How do you want to organize campaigns? Do you consider geography? Language? This video walks you through your options and gives you the knowledge you need to make these decisions.
    How to find great keywords
    When it comes to keywords, we’re talking thousands, not hundreds. The first mistake is to start too small. This video covers all things keywords: choosing them, how and when to use different match types, brainstorming tools, and how tools like Google Trends can help you understand what and when people are searching for online.
    Walkthrough: Finding keywords with Google Tools
    A walkthrough of tools to find new ideas for keywords.
    The anatomy of an ad
    Your user is searching for something, that’s why they came to Google in the first place. The keyword that they search for is their best guess at expressing what they want- they are following the ‘scent’ of their answer, and if they detect that scent in your ad (and then in your landing page), they’ll be happy. If you can keep ads and keywords tightly connected, you can keep the user on track. This video dissects the anatomy of an ad and fills you in on all of Google’s guidelines for creating ads (aka the Google Adwords Policy).
    Writing creative and influential ad copy
    When it comes to writing ads, think ‘need fulfillment’. What need or interest are you appealing to? We’ll talk about writing attention grabbing copy and headlines, how to insert keywords, and offer tips that will help you create ads that drive traffic and conversions.
  • Optimizing the Account for impact
    Intro to optimizing and how AdWords capping works
    How do you know if you're "maxing" your account (i.e. spending all $10,000 every month?). In this video we’ll talk about how to understand how ‘maxed’ your account is and, once you’re maxing, how you can work towards optimizing, which will get you more clicks, and more conversions, for the same money!
    Using Google Analytics to dominate the world
    The process: Gather, Ask questions, Analyze data, Act on findings. We’ll dive into this process and help you understand the difference between traffic to your website and true impact.
    Walkthrough: Google Analytics tracking for AdWords
    A walkthrough of how to use Google Analytics to make your account better
    A/B Testing ads
    You may remember controlled experiments from science class. A/B testing lets you test ads against each other to see which performs better, so you can test for things like keyword insertion, headlines, capitalization, key phrases, display URL, etc. We’ll talk about how Google choose which ads in an ad group to show and how you can measure your results.
    Advanced AdWords tools
    We’ll dive into the more advanced stuff, like ad preview and diagnostics, change history, batch modifications, and opportunities- tools and functions that will help you manage and max out your account.
    The AdWords Grants Pro $40k level
    Surprise, there is an even higher level! This lesson dives into the criteria and process of applying for GrantsPro, which lets you spend $40k of Google’s money every month (that’s almost half a million dollars each year).
    Walkthrough: Google Grants Pro application
    A walkthrough of how to find and apply for the $40,000/month Google GrantsPro program.


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  • Google Analytics
  • Nonprofit Development

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