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Entrepreneurship: Getting Started as an Entrepreneur (Free Course from Eazl)

Learn how to identify a target market for your idea, perform fast and effective market research, and design awesome products and services.


Learn how to find the right target market for your idea, how to perform fast, effective, valuable market research, and how to turn that research into awesome products or services. 

Make a huge leap forward towards creating something awesome in 25 minutes.  

  • How to select target markets
  • How to get critical market research (plus a free tool to help you)
  • How to design your products and services
  • Watch real people reveal info used to design a launch strategy

Entrepreneurship is the Path to True Wealth 

Learning how to be a human-centered entrepreneur and designer of products and services is the most important skill for the economy of the future. We're entering an era where 9-5 jobs are increasingly in short supply (and thank God--they're horrible!), where everyone can own a piece of the economy, and where innovators win.

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  • Look at the Clock. In 30 Minutes, You'll be a Better Entrepreneur.
    The Golden Handshake (or Why 42% of New Businesses Fail)
    Avoid the Most Common Mistake in Entrepreneurship
    Designing for Humans: How to Meet People’s Needs
    See it Happen in Real Life: Watch Customers Tell Me What They Want
    A Gift to Help You Along in Your Entrepreneurial Journey


  • Business Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Market Research

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