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Discover Your Life Purpose

Live a life of meaning and fulfillment and get paid to do what you love.


Discover the career you were MADE FOR and live your purpose! Don’t settle for a “ho-hum” job simply because it’s practical, it pays well, it’s all you can get, or it’s what someone else thinks you “should” do. Embark on a journey inside yourself to discover your life's purpose, and then determine a career that will help you fulfill it (or use this information to find more meaning in the career you already have)! Learn to capitalize on your natural talents, embrace your passions, understand your personality, and empower your beliefs about making a living doing what you love and developing your authentic mission here on Earth. It's never too late to find your purpose in life and pursue it! 

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  • Introduction to Purpose
    Discover Your Purpose Intro
    Everything happens for a reason... whether that means our lives are predestined or that we create blessings out of our curses. Join us as we explore our true path, as we uncover our deepest callings to live our greater purpose in life. Be authentically YOU and live in alignment with who you came here to become. Whether you are seeking your purpose or you are a life coach that wants to help your clients seek their purpose, this is the course for you.
    Discover Your Purpose Intro
    Elements of Purpose
    Stepping Stones to Purpose
  • Discovering Your Purpose
    Conditioning: Childhood Influences
    In our society there is a common belief we like to call the “Big Lie”—the idea that our society and childhood upbringing do not influence who we are today at the deepest level. Most people don’t deny those things have an impact, but they think the effect is minimal and resist believing that their actions and beliefs were formed by other people. However, if we take the time to reflect on how much of what we do and think did not originate as our own idea, and let go of things that do not serve us, we are freed to embrace beliefs and life choices that genuinely resonate with who we truly are and the life that we want to live. This section is meant to help us reflect on our influences so we are able to peel away layers of inauthentic belief systems (b.s.) and roles that do not serve us.
    Conditioning: Childhood Influences
    Passions and Interests
    In life, there are things we just absolutely love to do! There are things we naturally feel drawn to. There are activities we lose ourselves in—getting in the flow. There are things we’re passionate about, that inspire us, or that get us all riled up. In a search for your purpose, an important place to look are at THESE things! Purpose implies meaning, yet it also implies something that it feels like we were made to do. The good news is we instinctively or intuitively know what we’re “made for”—we can feel it. It’s that inner nudge that pulls us toward what we love, do naturally, and are passionate about.
    Passions and Interests
    Talent and Skills
    All of us have a magnitude of talents and skills, but that does not mean that we are supposed to use them all to follow our purpose. In fact, just because that we are good at something does not mean that we have to do it or that it will bring us joy. For example, I may be good at data entry but does that mean that it is part of my purpose? Well, it depends if I feel alive while doing it and it brings me true joy. However, if it does not bring me joy, should spend my time doing it… probably not. But, there’s more to purpose than joy. Maybe that skill was or will be useful at some point that will help me along my path, or stepping stones, to my purpose. At the same time there may be things you are good at that you enjoy that are not part of your greater purpose… they may just be something that you enjoy, an that’s okay.
    Talents and Skills
    Investigating your “personality type” can be an intriguing and educational process; plus, it’s fun! Knowing your “type”, and that of those in your life, can help you glean important insight and understanding of yourself and others. Even more importantly, understanding your personality type might help you gain more clarity about your purpose! Quiz Included.
    Life Changing Experiences
    By looking at your life on a timeline you can see it more objectively. You may notice a pattern or a series of experiences that led you along, toward where you are today. By understanding you may see where your life is being led towards. For example have you ever watched a movie and knew what was going to happen before it happen? If you have, then think of your life in the same perspective. If you can observe the plot of the story you may be able to decipher where it’s going.
    Life Changing Experiences
    Beyond the three-dimensional world of cause and effect, coincidences, often referred to as synchronicities, give us the experience of that which is beyond. These events are totally unrelated; however, they align in special, unexpected, unexplainable ways beyond what can be rationalized. When people experience a coincidence, they are often left in awe, recognizing that this is no “mere coincidence”—some greater meaning or purpose is behind the seemingly random alignment. Looking back at your timeline, you may see some of those events and recall how they came to be through “coincidental” ways.
  • Eliminating Limits
    Eliminating BS
    We all have limiting beliefs, whether they were created by us, people around us, or society. The most powerful thing that you can do is be able to really look at the BS (believe systems). If you look hard enough you will find that there is evidence that will contradict that BS. Once you find something that contradicts it, what you will find is that more and more evidence will start to present itself, like a snowball effect. Before you know it what will happen is that BS will be a thing of the past.
    Empowering Beliefs
    There are very common limiting belief systems that are passed from generation to generation and person to person much like a virus—a mind virus. These sneaky viruses usually go undetected because they are so common, or normal, in our society that one rarely even notices that they have been infected. For this reason, they’re really easy to spread. The good news is there is an easy cure—awareness! One you become aware of one of these buggers you can choose to believe something different, immediately killing the virus!
    Empowering Beliefs
    Say No to Buts
    Replace your excuses with commitments! Just as with the “mind viruses” above, we all have common phrases we’ve picked up from our families and cultures that are nothing more than excuses. By becoming aware of them, questioning them, and changing the way we view the underlying fears behind them, we can change the way we think and empower ourselves!
    Say No To Buts
    Your Power
    Most of us are operating on low power levels. Why? Because we give our power. How? By allowing other people's actions and beliefs to affect us. By using our energy directing our attention toward negative things or toward other people. Your ability to live in alignment with your purpose will be amplified by taking your power back! Answer the questions below and evaluate how much power you give away—and then take it back!
    Your Power
  • Putting It All Together
    Clarifying Your Purpose
    SPOILER ALERT: Do not skip to this section without doing the rest of the course first! Now, it’s time to look back over everything you’ve been working on and see how it all fits together. What trajectory do you see your life has been taking and where does it all seem to be pointing you? Below, write a brief summary of everything you’ve gone over. Seeing it all in one place is very powerful and clarifying.
    Clarifying Your Purpose
    Writing Your Manifesto
    Now that you have DISCOVERED YOUR PURPOSE and eliminated the limitations that have been holding you back, it’s time to put your newfound mission out to the world by writing your MANIFESTO! A manifesto is a declaration of your beliefs, opinions, motives, and intentions. You have your purpose, now you get to put into words WHY that’s your purpose.
    Writing Your Manifesto


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