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Customer Service: Keep 'Em Coming Back!

How to give the best customer service in your industry and keep those customers raving about your business.



Customer service is one of the most important concepts for any business to master. Your customers are your lifeblood. Keeping them happy and coming back is what fuels your business. Without them nothing else matters. From an online purchase to a lunch outing with friends, everyone has a story of how they weren't treated the way they felt they should be at a business. When we patronize a business we have preconceived notions of how we should be treated. If they are not met, we feel dissatisfied and often give negative reviews of our experience leaving family and friends much less likely to see experience the business themselves. If our expectations are exceeded and we leave the experience very satisfied, the chance of spreading the word and sending others to the business increase dramatically.

This course shares the stories and secrets of other successful entrepreneurs taking you through the importance of customer service and how to create systems to implement phenomenal customer service within your own business.

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  • Chapter 1
    Entrepreneurs Discuss Distinguishing Service
    Becoming the Best
    Bonus Video: Nicole DeBoom of Skirt Sports on Service
    Exercise 1
    Bonus Video: Jim Pittenger of Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs on Service
  • Chapter 2
    The Importance of Customer Service
    Bonus Video: Zach Buckner of Relay Foods discusses their service philosophy
  • Chapter 3
    Strategies for Distinguishing Service
  • Chapter 4
    The Service is in the System
    Customer Service Systems
    Shasta Leatherworks
    Mike Domeyer - Lifetime Guarantee
    Exercise 2
    Bonus Video: Reggie Chandra, Rhythm Engineering on Service
    Questions for Thought
    Final Thought


  • Customer Service

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