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Business Models for the 21st Century

What Works and Doesn't Work in Business in the 21st Century


Business Models for the 21st Century is a course for anyone interested in going into business for themselves or already in business but looking to branch out into other areas of business. 

In the 21st century things have changed for business people all over the world. With new technology, the internet, and more competition than ever, some older business models no longer work like they once did, and some totally new business models have been born. 

In this course we will identify and explore business models that will work in the 21st century while revisiting traditional business models that STILL WORK in the new environment. We will look at WHY these business models work, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of various models and strategies so that you, the student, will have ammunition to take with you into the world of business that will help you be successful no matter where you live

Whether you're in business for the freedom of being your own boss, looking for financial independence, or simply love you product or craft, this course will help you to understand business more clearly, so that you can make more money in your chosen field, or purpose branch out into a totally new area of business where the future is bright. For either goal, this course is for you!  

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  • Introduction
    Introduction to 21st Century Business Models
    Why we need to re-thing traditional business models and understand how business is changing in the 21st century
  • Traditional Business Models that Still Work
    The Warren Buffet Model
    How Warren Buffet used one of the best traditional business models to become wealthy and you can too.
    The Real Estate Investing Model
    How to make money for the long term in one of the most proven business models in history that still works just as well in the 21st century as it did in the 18th.
    The Retail Model
    How to make money in retail in the 21st century.
    The Newspaper Model
    How to still make money with a newspaper or magazine in the 21st century.
    The Insurance Model
    Why insurance will always be one of the best business models there is.
    The Franchise Model
    Analysis of one of the most powerful traditional business models, the Franchise. In this lesson we explore some pros and cons of the Franchise business model and whether or not it is a good fit for you
    The Car Sales Model
    How to succeed in one of the easiest business models around, and why it's usually a good idea to look right under our noses for success before looking elsewhere.
    Super Business Model: The Sports Bar
    In this lesson we look at why sports bars almost always succeed and continue to be one of the best business models there is.
  • New Business Models for the 21st Century and Beyond
    The Tech Startup Model
    Getting started in the technology sector is not only easier than it's ever been, but is one of the quickest paths to large scale wealth. In this lesson we look at how this business model works.
    The Blog Model
    How millions of people are making a living off of their blogs and you can too.
    The International Model
    Started a business abroad is becoming an increasingly powerful option for entrepreneurs from "rich" countries in the west. We look at the reasons for this in this lecture, with emphasis on one specific business model that is likely to succeed all over the world.
    The Online Sales Model
    In this lesson we look at how and where to sell your products online for maximum profits. In the 21st century, there is a niche for anyone on the internet if you know where to look.
    The Affiliate Marketing Model
    How millions of people are making a living selling other people's products and services on the internet. It's never been easier than it is right now.
    The Retire Abroad Model
    How to retire decades earlier, with a higher standard of living, and more sunshine!
  • Conclusion
    General Rules of Thumb for Business
    Certain key business principles are explored in this lesson with an emphasis on what has been proven to work for business people of all ages, skill levels, and environments. Business isn't rocket science, but certain fundamentals are absolutely necessary to thrive in the 21st century world of business.
    Investing for the Long Term
    In this lesson we look at the true power of investing for the long term and explore some of the proven paths that are guaranteed to work for those prepared to begin the journey.


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