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Buddhism: Ancient Strategies for Modern Life

How Buddhism can increase your wellbeing and happiness


This course is an introduction to Buddhism. I became very interested in Buddhism while living in Vietnam for over five years from 2007 to 2012. While Buddhism is by definition a religion, in actual practice it resembles philosophy and psychology more than religion if we go by Buddha's actual teachings. Buddhism is essentially a set of tools developed over thousands of years in India, China, Japan and throughout Asia. These tools are more applicable now than ever before as we grapple with the anxiety that has become typical in modern life. 

This course will introduce to you what Buddhism is, how it can help you develop happiness, contentment, equanimity, peace, and love so that you can deal with modern challenges effectively, and generally enrich your experience as a human being. 

I have now spent thousands of hours studying Buddhism, meditating, and speaking with monks at Pagodas and Monasteries throughout Vietnam and South East Asia. Since I am an American, I feel that I am in a unique position to communicate the essence of Buddhism and it's teachings to a western audience as very few people can. 

In addition, I am trained as a teacher, with a teaching certificate from the University of Idaho as well as a master's degree in curriculum and instruction from the same school. So I am confident that students will leave my course with a solid understanding not only of what Buddhism is, but HOW it can help you to improve yourself and change your life for the better. 

Join my course, and let these ancient strategies help you deal with modern challenges. They've lasted this long because they work!  

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  • Introduction to Buddhism
    The Story of the Buddha
    Learn the traditional story of Siddhartha Gautama and how he became the "Awakened One"
    What is Buddhism?
    Learn the core principles of Buddhism as they taught by the Buddha and are still practiced today
    The Four Noble Truths
    The Four Noble Truths form the foundation of the Buddhism.
    The Eightfold Path
    The Eightfold Path is one of the Four Noble Truths and is the path to salvation according to the Buddha. Learn how you can begin to follow the Eightfold Path in your life.
    The Middle Way
    The Middle Way is another tenet at the heart Buddhism that helps us to maintain balance in our life, which is another important teaching of the Buddha.
  • Practical Applications of Buddhism
    Breathing Meditation
    Meditation is the primary tool by which human beings may become enlightened according to the Buddha and his followers. Learn how to do breathing mediation which has been described as the best form of mediation for beginners.
    The idea of non-attachment is one of the most important principles in Buddhism as it helps us to maintain equanimity as we grapple with challenges in our lives.
    Emptiness is a challenging idea that Buddhism espouses as a worthwhile state to perceive. Learn about the Buddhist notion of emptiness and its importance in our training.
    Letting Go of the Ego
    Learning to let go of a fixation on the self is another key principle of Buddhism, as it allows us to focus on others which is ultimately what brings us happiness.
    The Benefits of Simplicity
    Sometimes going back to the basics is what we need in order to move forward. Learn how simplifying our life and thoughts can increase happiness and contentment.
    How to Use Solitude to Increase Awareness
    Learn why the Buddha regarded solitude as necessary to strengthen our new habits as we begin to follow the "path of the warrior" and implement the Eightfold Path into our every day lives.
    Total Acceptance of Reality
    Only through total acceptance of the world can we move forward with our training and learn to "rule our world". Learn why this is a key idea in Buddhism
  • The Sacred Path to the Warrior
    Developing "Windhorse" Through Generosity
    Learn about Windhorse, which is an idea from the ancient Tibetan lineage of Buddhist teachers. The ancient kingdom of Shambhala used Windhorse to create an enlightened society.
    Bringing Heaven Down to Earth
    Learn how to create an enlightened society according to the Buddha. Bringing Heaven Down to Earth is a powerful idea that can help to transform your life.
    Buddhism Review
    We take a final look at the core principles of Buddhism and how we can learn to use them to improve our happiness, help others, and contribute to the Buddhist ideal of enlightenment and an enlightened society.


  • Buddhism
  • Personal Development
  • Religion

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