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Blogging 101: Planning a Successful Blog

Plan a successful blog by choosing by the right blogging platform, blogging style, and writing tone for your target audience while learning basic blogging technology.


Blogging is an integral part of any social media strategy. Your blog becomes your own corner of the social web by helping you contribute original content and add fresh updates to your social media platforms. Blogging can help you: • Market your business • Establish yourself as a thought leader • Get the word out about your causes • Become more attractive to potential employers But where do you start? Which blogging platform should you use? What should you blog about? For that matter, what the heck is a blog? Blogging 101 assumes nothing – providing anyone with the knowledge and confidence to plan a successful blog right out of the gate. This course offers an introduction to the technology behind a blog and explores the different blogging platforms available. The course demonstrates types of blogs and blogging styles, as well as appropriate writing tones for specific audiences. Join author and new media expert Deltina Hay as she helps you plan a successful blog by demonstrating real-world examples, and guiding you in answering critical blogging questions, such as: • What do you wish to gain from blogging? • Who is your target audience? • What will you blog about? • What will be the tone and style of your blog? • Which blogging platform is the best fit? Blogging 101 also shows you how to create good web content for your blog. The course explores how people read online content, and shows you how to make your content easier to read and more likely to get noticed. The course also takes a look at ethics issues like copyright concerns, disclaimer and disclosure statements, and codes of ethics relevant to your profession and your industry. Included as a special bonus is the introduction to Deltina's WordPress.com Essentials course, and a full lesson from that course about starting your blog using WordPress.com. Worksheets and resources included! Don't put that blog off any longer. Take the course today, and plan the blog you've always wanted.
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  • Introduction to Blogs
    Introduction to the Course
    Planning Blog Workbook
    Introduction to Blogs and RSS Feeds
    Types of Blogs
  • Finding Your Style and Planning Your Blog
    Types of Bloggers and Blogging Styles
    Planning Your Blog and Blogging Platforms
  • Fine Tuning Your Blogging Efforts
    Creating Good Web Content
    Blogging Ethics and Policies


  • Blog Writing
  • Blogging

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