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Become a Master of Sales Psychology

Influence Prospects and Increase Sales with these Little Known Mental Tricks of the Trade



From influencing friends and family to getting hired or actually selling products we are always trying to influence people. At the heart of sales is human psychology. Understanding sales psychology is critical in order to become a top sales person. 

In this course I have distilled over ten years of experience worth of sales psychology knowledge and tricks of the trade to help anyone, including both sales people as well as others that simply want to increase their influence, increase their sales skills. 

If you implement what you learn in this course, your sales will increase dramatically because these are the principles that work in sales, period. Whether you're selling soap or sophisticated technology the psychology of sales will never change. 

Let my course be the catalyst that pushes your sales revenues through the roof!!!  

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  • Untitled Chapter
    How to Make More Money Through Sales Psychology
    This lesson is an introduction to what will be covered in the course. We will discuss the reasons why psychology is such a critical factor in sales and how understanding the psychological principles that underlie everything we do in sales is critical if we seek to reach a high level of sales performance and skill.
    Why Sales Could be the Most Profitable Skill in the World
    In this lesson we look at the reasons why sales is such a valuable skill not only in the arena of business but also how we can use these skills in various situations in our lives to increase our profits and even save more money. I also include a reading list of the top sales books that have helped me achieve success in my career.
  • Powerful Tricks of the Trade
    How to Reduce the Number of Times You Hear the Word "No"
    Learn how to reduce rejection and subtly influence the prospect through your use of language.
    One of the Most Powerful Weapons in the Professional Sales Person's Arsenal
    This could be the most effective tactic when seeking to close the sale. This one technique has increased my sales by thousands of percentage points.
    The Secret of Why "Always Be Closing" Works
    Always be closing is a core sales skill. In this lesson we look more deeply at why this technique works so well as well as cover some ways in which we can employ this tactic for maximum effect.
    How to Use the Powerful and Subtle Technique of "Assuming the Sale"
    Assuming the sale is very powerful and subtle sales tactic. In this lesson we will explore ways in which we can effectively use this skill while also looking at ways to avoid over use of this critical technique.
    The Most Powerful Negotiating Tool Ever
    Learn the negotiating tool that all top sales people know and use.
    How to Never Overcome an Objection Again
    With the principle learned in this lesson we will never have to overcome an objection in the traditional ever again. Just this one tactic is worth more than the cost of this entire course.
    A Little Known Sales Secret Used by Only the Top 1% of Sales People
    In this lesson we look at one of the least used sales tactics which can set us distinctly apart from our competition.
  • Sales Success Secrets
    How to Succeed Without Relying On "Techniques"
    Learn how to cultivate the most effective attitude in sales.
    How the Psychology of Sales SAVES You Money in Your Everyday Life
    Learn how to save money every day of your life through your knowledge of the psychology of sales.
    How to Make Prospects Like You
    Learn how to make prospects like you to increase your long term sales figures.
    How to Be Persistent Without Irritating the Prospect
    Every sales person knows that "persistence pays profits". In this lesson we study the fundamental psychology of persistence that will enable us to fully appreciate this principle as well as how to be persistent without coming across as annoying or pushy.
    How to Avoid EVER Being Annoying!
    Salespeople have been known to get a bad rap for being too aggressive and annoying their potential customers. In this lesson we explore how we can find the balance between assertive sales conduct without putting off our prospects.
    The Most Important Idea in Sales
    In order be successful in sales, everything revolves around this one idea.
    How to Create a Powerful Self Image in the Eyes of the Prospect
    The perception that we create in the mind's of our prospects is critical in sales. Just as there is never a second chance to make a first impression we may only get one chance to speak with a prospect so we need to cultivate the most effective persona with this goal in mind.
    The True Power of Psychology in Sales
    In this lesson we revisit the power of psychology in sales and how every activity in the sales process is related to psychology in some way. Understanding this critical truth will explode our overall profits in the long run.
  • Review of Key Ideas to Making More Money in Sales Through Psychology
    A Summary of These Powerful Techniques and Ideas
    A final look at the critical ideas of the course. They must be put into action in order to get the results we desire!


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