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Software Development / Mobile App Development

Android: From Beginner to Paid Professional

Learn to code the Devslopes way. At Devslopes we teach you the platform and the underlying coding principles. We believe in building engineers and not copy-and-paste students. You can get started with no experience or with lots of coding experience. Learn everything you need to know to have professional Android development skills.


Why This Course? Devslopes first flagship course iOS 9 & Swift: From Beginner to Paid Professional took the world by storm and is the most effective course on iOS development on the Internet with thousands of 5 star reviews and tons of success stories. Using that same formula for success we have brought you the even better Android course. Learn to code how the PROs code - not just copy and paste Learn the latest Android APIs and services - we don't teach old junk SUPER FUN - You will laugh and have fun while learning Beautiful Apps - We don't build trash - you'll create amazing real-world apps Zero Experience needed to start Build Real Projects - You'll get to build projects that help you retain what you've learned Live Help - I've brought on a bunch of Teacher's Aides who are always available to help in our online chatroom How Long Will This Take? This course with all of its exercises should take you a good 6 weeks if you spend 1-2 hours on it every day. How Is The Course Structured? You start by learning how to code with Java. Then you start building some simpler apps and move on to more complex fully-functional apps. You build projects in-between that allow you to stretch and grow using the principles you just learned, but without copying and pasting code. What Do I Get? Tons of amazing Android learning content 10 FREE App Asset Packs (Worth thousands of dollars) Live support in our online chatroom Certificate of completion (when completed) Potential for a whole new career / lifestyle What are the requirements? Must have PC with Windows 8+ OR macOS OR Linux/Ubuntu Recommend having an actual Android device but it is not required What am I going to get from this course? Build Android Marshmallow apps Apply for Jr. Android app development jobs Program and code with Java Implement Object Oriented Programming with Java and Android What is the target audience? This course is for absolute beginners with no coding experience AND it is for existing programmers who want to learn Android This course is NOT for veteran Android developers
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  • Getting Started - Get up and running with Android Studio
    Intro to Course
    We'll talk about what we are going to cover in this Android course
    MUST Watch Before You Buy This Course
    In this video I'll talk about expectations - your expectations and my expectations. Make sure you are on the same page before you buy this course. We also talk about the DOs and DON'Ts of asking for help
    Installing Android Studio (Mac)
    Learn how to install Android Studio for Android Marshmallow development. You'll also learn about which APIs to target and download files for.
    Installing Android Studio (Windows)
    Windows 10 comes in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions and, therefore, you could still need the x86 version on Windows 10. Important note: x86-based AVDs (including the standard Nexus 5 emulator) won't work on AMD-based systems. This is a non-issue for Macs as they are all Intel-based systems. The workaround is to use an ARM-based emulator image or use GenyMotion instead.
    Building your first Android Marshmallow app
    Learn how to build your very first Android Marshmallow app with Java
    Get your FREE 10 App Asset Pack
    You can get the assets by downloading the associated resources with this lecture
    List of Course Updates Coming Soon
    List of Course Updates Coming Soon
    Devslopes Chatroom Access
    Get access to the Devslopes chatroom so you can get answers to your problems and help other people!
    Download Android Source Code & Assets
    Download all of the assets and source code for this Android course Credits for Graphics: Fit or Flab damian-fitorflag-design.sketch Damian Ortiz. damianortiz.me fit-or-flab-exported-abhijeet.zip & FitOrFlatDesign-abhijeet.sketch Abhijeet Chaudhary http://abhijeetchz.wix.com/home fit-or-fab-designs-hardcoreiOS.sketch @HardcoreiOS in Discord Cool Calc @HardcoreiOS in Discord
    Mark's Android Studio Theme
    If you like my white custom Android Studio theme then here are the instructions to install it Go to the url (notes are also below): https://github.com/devslopes/marks-android-settings Import the Settings 1) Download the mark-price-settings.jar from this Repo 2) Open Android Studio and Import Settings and select the .jar file 3) Open Android Studio Preferences, then Appearances and Behavior, then Editor-> Colors & Fonts and select the theme DevslopesAndroid Devslopes Android Theme Settings - I removed the blue collapse lines (thought they looked ugly) - Got rid of outlines and bolding of keywords - Made CMD+ make the font size increase and the CMD- make the font size decrease - I turned off code folding - mostly because I do not like the way it looks when collapsed - Reduced total amount of colors - Stole some colors form Xcode :)
  • Git & Android - Learn the basics of Git for Android development
    Terminal Basics (Mac)
    Basics of Version Control & Git
    Using version control for Android development is crucial. You will learn what version control is and why it is important.
    Understanding Git
    Learn the basics of working with Git for Android development
    Setting up Github
    Learn how to set up Github for Android development
    Github vs Bitbucket
    Learn the differences between Github and Bitbucket so you can choose where you store your Android source code
    Github Desktop
    Learn how to use the GUI Github Desktop to manage Git for Android development
    Handling Merge Conflicts in Git
    Learn how to deal with nasty merge conflicts in Git for your Android projects
    Git Remote & Local
    Learn the differences between local and remote repositories so you can properly manage your Android source code
  • Learn to code in Java - Learn how to program and learn the Java programming language
    Creating a Java Module - Android Prerequisite
    Learn how to create a Java module to test our code in preparation for developing Android apps
    About the Java Lessons - Android Prerequisite
    I talk about how these lessons on Java and programming are structured so you can get ready to build Android apps
    Variables and How Computers Work - Android Prerequisite
    Learn how computers work in the sense of applications and programming languages so you can be a better Android programmer
    Java Strings - Android Prerequisite
    Learn how to work with Strings in Java - a foundational concept for Android development
    Java Numbers - Android Prerequisite
    Learn how to work with Ints, doubles, floats, and longs and how to perform math operations in Java for Android development
    Java Methods - Android Prerequisite
    Learn how to work with functions an methods in Java for Android development
    Java Conditionals - Android Prerequisite
    Learn how to work with conditional logic in Java for Android development
    Java Arrays - Android Prerequisite
    Arrays are one of the fundamental data structures you must learn in order to become proficient in Android development
    Java ArrayLists - Android Prerequisite
    Learns how to use ArrayLists for Android development
  • Cool Calculator - The Basics of Android
    Android App Cool Calc - Adding Images & Supporting Multiple Screen Sizes
    How to support multiple screen dimensions in Android
    Android App Cool Calc - Project Setup & Changing App Theme
    Create an Android Studio project and change the app theme
    Android App Cool Calc - Understanding Widgets, Layouts, Gravity and Weights
    Learn about layouts and widgets in Android
    Android App Cool Calc - Understanding dp & Managing Multiple Layouts
    Learn how to use dp and how to manage multiple Android layouts
    Android App Cool Calc - Using Android Monitor to Debug Layout Issues
    How to debug Android apps using Android Monitor
    Android App Cool Calc - OnClickListeners & Widget Imports
    How to respond to button actions with OnClickListeners on Android
    Android App Cool Calc - Implementing Calculator Logic
    Write some code logic in your calculator Android app
  • Fit or Flab - Working with Activities -Get better at layout & learn how to work with Android activities
    Android Activity Lifecycle
    Learn the importance of the Android Activity Lifecycle so you can know how to respond to events
    Setting Up Layout Part 1 - Custom Drawables, Rounded Corners
    Custom drawables and rounded corners on Android layouts
    Setting Up Layout Part 2 - Drawables & Tint
    Learn how to create and use drawables in tandem with background colors on Android
    OnClickListeners Without Buttons
    Learn how to set up OnClickListeners on any widget, not just a Button in your Android apps
    The 2nd Android Activity
    Learn how to create a 2nd Android activity and prep it for loading
    Intents & Extras
    Learn how to pass data between Activities on Android
    Android Exercise
    Go to url below for the exercise: http://blog.devslopes.com/p/43919f9c-c155-4c71-9a0e-97190a99d7b2/
  • Fragments and Mastering Android Layouts
    Understanding Android Fragments
    Learn how to work with Android Fragments for both older and new devices
    Android App; HeroMe - Assets
    Here are the assets you need to complete the HeroMe Android app
    Android App HeroMe - Source Code
    Here is the source code for the HeroMe Android app
    Android App HeroMe - Working With Graphics & Drawables
    In this video you will continue to master your skills in working with drawables, graphics, and layouts on Android
    Android App HeroMe - Custom Drawables & Custom Buttons
    Create custom Android buttons and drawables
    Android App HeroMe - Fragments & Fragment Manager
    Learn which fragments to use and when to use them. Also learn how to use the Fragment Manager on Android
    Android App HeroMe - Changing Views Programmatically
    How to show a new screen on Android
    Android App HeroMe - Adding & Replacing Fragments
    How to load fragments from within fragments on Android
    Android Exercise - Finish HeroMe App
    Finish the HeroMe Android app by going to the link below (copy and paste in your web browser). http://blog.devslopes.com/p/8702c3a6-c727-474c-8c42-d6005ced7ac0/
  • Object Oriented Programming & Fragments on Android - Learn how to use OOP to build modularized Android apps
    Java Classes - Android Prerequisite
    Understand object oriented programming and learn how to use classes in Java for Android
    Java Inheritance - Android Prerequisite
    Learn how to use inheritance in object oriented programming for Java in Android
    Java Polymorphism - Android Prerequisite
    Learn about polymorphism in object oriented programming for Java in Android
    Java Data Encapsulation - Android Prerequisite
    Learn of the importance of data hiding and data encapsulation in object oriented programming in Java for Android
  • Grids & Lists With Recycler View - Learn how to create lists and grids with Recycler View
    Android App Dev Radio - How to plan out an app
    Learn how to design and plan out your architecture prior to building Android apps
    Android App Dev Radio - Project setup and the fragments
    Set up your Android project and prep your fragment
    Android App Dev Radio - Adapters, view holders, and more fragments
    We start building the Recycler View Adapters and View Holders - core components needed for Android apps with data
    Android App Dev Radio - Managing data, adapters, and more fragments
    Learn how to build your own data model and data services and also learn how to work with Android fragments that don't take up the whole screen
    Android App Dev Radio - Designing cards and working with view holders
    We'll design out our cards and then show how to pass data into them via the view holders on your Android app
    Android App Dev Radio - Clicking cards and loading a new full screen fragment
    Learn how to set on click listeners on your cards and how to load a full screen fragment from within a view holder
    Android Exercise & Source Code - Dev Radio Details Screen
    Copy and paste the links below into a browser to complete this exercise. Source Code / Assets / Exercise: http://blog.devslopes.com/p/84116130-d390-4049-ac20-3d3ffe5dadf5/
  • Maps & GPS - Learn how to work with maps and GPS on Android
    Android App Store Locator - Adding Google Maps to a fragment
    Learn how to work with Google Maps on fragments for your Android apps
    Android App Store Locator - Creating project & architecting app
    We create a template maps project and talk about how we are going to construct this Android maps app
    Android App Store Locator - Implementing a CardView search bar
    We build the UI for the search bar using Android CardView
    Android App Store Locator - Google Play location services
    Learn how to use the official Google Play Services with the Location API for Android
    Android App Store Locator - Showing user location with map markers
    Learn how to drop markers on the map for the user's current location on Android
    Android App Store Locator - Converting GPS to a zip code
    Learn how to use Geocoding to convert GPS coordinates to a zip code for your Android app
    Android App Store Locator - RecyclerView over the map
    Learn how to hide and show fragments and show a RecyclerView over the map on Android
  • Multimedia on Android - Learn how to work with images and video on Android
    Android App Instaslam - Project setup & Google Maps template
    We create a template Maps project and talk about the benefit of using templates on Android
    Android App Instaslam - Fragments for tabs and action button
    We set up the tab layout and create fragments for each tab
    Android App Instaslam - Android menu popups
    Learn how to work with menu systems in Android
    Android App Instaslam - Full screen activities & percentage layouts
    Learn about full screen activities and percentage relative layouts in Android
    Android App Instaslam - Access photos and videos with Cursors
    Learn how to use Cursors to retrieve multi-media on Android devices
    Android App Instaslam - Adapters & view holders in the same file
    Learn of the benefits and downsides of working with adapters and view holders in the same file
    Android App Instaslam - Decoding paths into bitmaps
    Learn how to take a file path and grab an image and decode it into a Bitmap in Android
    Android App Instaslam - Background threads & async task
    Learn how to work with background threads and UI threads in Android
  • Web Requests & REST on Android - Learn how to get your Android apps to talk to servers
    Understanding Web Requests & HTTP
    Learn all about REST and HTTP so your Android apps can receive and post information to APIs
    All About JSON
    Learn what JSON is and how it is used in Android
    Android App Funshine - Project creation & API setup
    We create our Android project and then sign up for a free weather API service
    Android App Funshine - Implementing Volley for web requests
    Learn how to install Volley on Android from a Github repo
    Android App Funshine - Use GPS to get weather data
    Learn how to pass user geo coordinates up to the API to get real time weather data in the Android app
    Android App Funshine - Parsing JSON
    Learn how to parse JSON in our Android app so we can use it for the UI
    Android App Funshine - Designing the UI
    We build out the UI in preparation for putting data in it from the server on our Android app
    Android App Funshine - Showing data from server in UI
    In this Android lesson we take the data from the server and display it in the UI
    Android App Funshine - Showing server data in a list
    Learn how to show data from a server in a RecyclerView in Android


  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Google Android
  • Java

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