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An Entire MBA in 1 Course: Award Winning Business School Professor

Everything You Need to Know About Business from Start-up to IPO.


Are you ready to take your career to the next level? 

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about business….from starting a company to taking it public. This course covers all of the important topics you will learn from getting an MBA from a top school + real life practical business concepts that will help make you more successful! 

This course is taught by an award winning MBA professor with significant real world experience working at Goldman Sachs as well as in the venture capital, hedge fund and consulting industries (he has founded several companies and sits on several boards). Many business concepts are simply common sense. 

This course will focus on business concepts that you need to know that might not be common sense. This course makes the general business, accounting and finance process very easy to understand! The professor of this course is also the author of "101 Crucial Lessons They Don't Teach You in Business School," which Forbes magazine recently called "1 of 6 books that all entrepreneurs need to read right now." 

The contents of this course are all based on my work experience at several firms, including Goldman Sachs, the consulting industry at Accenture, a few companies I have started, the hedge fund industry where I worked at Citadel and also in the venture capital sector (the firm I founded had a venture capital investment in Facebook). I included helpful practical business concepts I learned while I did an MBA at Columbia University and a Bachelor of Commerce degree at McGill University. 

Think of this course as a “greatest hits” business summaries from my MBA, undergraduate business degree, work experience in consulting, equities, hedge funds, venture capital and starting my own companies. 

I have minimized “boring theoretical concepts” in this course in order to keep it as close to reality as possible. The concepts of this course have been taught by me in many classes at several universities, where the student feedback has been universally and incredibly positive (please see my LinkedIn profile for student reviews / feedback on my teaching style/effectiveness - thank you. Also please see reviews of my books in Amazon on "101 Crucial Lessons They Don't Teach You in Business School").

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  • Introduction & Class #1: Launching a New Company
    Overview & the Qualities of the Best Entrepreneurs
    How to Start a Successful Company + Qualities of the Top Business People
    How to Legally Protect Your Company/Family in Business + Easy Overview of Taxes
    How to Network + Get Many Meetings to Help You Get a Job or Customers
    Side Note: Be a Contrarian and Watch Your Net Worth Take-off!
    Free Book Version of this Course
    Welcome to An Entire MBA in 1 Course! Please ask me as many questions as you would like and as often as you want about any business topics. Also, please find attached all 15 chapters of the book version of this course, which sells on Amazon for $99 (no need to purchase it as all the pages are in the attached 15 chapters). Thanks a lot and I hope you enjoy the course! Chris Haroun
  • Class #2: Business Presentations: Use These Tips & Watch Your Sales Take-off!
    How to Present Like Steve Jobs and Impress an Audience, Customers &Your Peers
    What to Include in Your Business Presentations Slides + Incredible Workshop/Tips
    Side Note: Hiring and Firing
    Unabridged 22 Page Downloadable Recap of Section 2
  • Class #3: Venture Capital (VC) Part 1: How to Raise Money
    What is VC + How to Raise Money + How to Get Board Advisors + More Network Tips
    How to Improve Your Management Team + More $ Raising Tips from VCs / Investors
    Side Note: 2 Very Important Sales Techniques / Best Practices
    Unabridged 8 Page Downloadable Recap of Section 3
  • Class #4: VC Part 2: Security/Legal Structures to Protect You + Make You More $
    VC History is Crucial to Review So You Know the Qualities of Steve Jobs + Others
    What Investors You Should Target + How Do Investors do Due Diligence on You
    Not Understanding Security Structures Can Hurt You (What Common / Preferred is)
    Convertible Debt, Warrants and Options
    Side Note: How to Avoid Burnout
    Unabridged 37 Page Downloadable Recap of Section 4
  • Class #5: Investor Valuation Topics & Dilution. Importance of Contracts
    Case Study on How to Deal with VC Firms Investing in Your Company Like Sequoia
    Side Note: Touch Hand Only Once
    Unabridged 20 Page Downloadable Recap of Section 5
  • Class #6: Financial Analysis
    Easy Way to Understand the Income Statement + Balance Sheet +Dealing with Risk
    Easy Way to Understand the Cash Flow Statement + What Links the IS, BS & CF
    Understanding Financial Ratios + Leverage + What Software to Use for Accounting
    Side Note: How to Get A Raise or a Promotion + Managing People
    Unabridged 29 Page Downloadable Recap of Section 6
  • Class #7: Managing Cash Flow
    Forecasting + Budgeting + Fiscal Versus Calendar Years + Ethics
    Side Note: "Why am I So Lucky to be Given this Investment Opportunity?"
    Unabridged 7 Page Downloadable Recap of Section 7
  • Class #8: Financial Capital and Securities Law
    Easy Way to Understand Debt/Bonds, Interest Rates/Yield Curves + Equity
    Risk & Return + Business Statistics (Only What You Need to Know) + Security Law
    Side Note: Run to Your Fears
  • Class #9: Projecting Financial Statements
    How to Build Financial Statements for Private Companies the Easy Way
    How to Value a Private Companies the Easy Way + Growth Metrics
    Unabridged 24 Page Downloadable Recap of Section 9
    Side Note: Office Politics
  • Class #10: Due Diligence and Data Sources
    Where to Get Awesome Information for Your Financial Models + More Networking
    Side Note: Small Customers are Just as Much Work as Large Customers + Sports!
    Unabridged 16 Page Downloadable Recap of Section 10
  • Class #11: Modeling and Valuation
    How to Build a Financial Model for a Public Company
    Read Financials Like a Good Book!!!! + Find Patterns in the Data
    How to Value Public Firms the Easy Way
    Side Note: Dress for Success
    Unabridged 50 Page Downloadable Recap of Section 11
  • Class #12: Initial Public Offering (IPO) and Valuation
    How an IPO Works + Facebook Buying Instagram + Value Post +Pre-Revenue Companies
    How DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) Analysis Works
    Valuing a Company Versus the Competition + Why an S-1 is Awesome!
    Side Note: Goldman Sachs IPO Prospectus Example
    Unabridged 26 Page Downloadable Recap of Section 12
  • Class #13: Management Analytical Frameworks
    What Management Consulting is + Frameworks they Use that Help You in Business
    What is S.W.O.T. + P.L.C. + Oracle Case Study + How to Tell if Someone is Lying
    Side Note: Keep That Letter in Your Drawer!
    Unabridged 22 Page Downloadable Recap of Section 13
  • Class #14: Alternatives and Turnarounds
    Financing Alternatives + Why to Avoid Debt if You Can (use Equity Investors)
    Harvesting an Investment + Leveraged Buyouts + Troubled Ventures + Turnarounds
    Side Note: Nobody is Smarter than You
    Side Note: Learn Earn Return
    Unabridged 17 Page Downloadable Recap of Section 14
  • Class #15: Crucial Leftover Content / Goal Setting Workshop / Closing Remarks
    The Most Important Investment You Will Ever Make + Great Marketing is Crucial
    Life Changing Goal Setting Workshop + You Need Yodas! + Find Your Passion : )
    Unabridged 48 Page Downloadable Recap of Section 15


  • Business Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Start-Ups

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